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Ed Sheeran helped to popularize loop pedals, which have become an essential tool for singer-songwriters everywhere. But Boss offers a wide range of looper pedals to cater for all different needs.

Boss Loop Pedals

Why use loop pedals?

Whether you're a solo singer-songwriter, an electronic musician or member of a rock'n'roll band, you may find that using a loop pedal a very useful tool, which can certainly add something special to your performance. Loopers can be very easy to use and useful in a wide range of situations, from helping you to practice at home, or helping you to create rich layers of music, live.

How To Choose The Best Loop Pedal For Your Needs?

With so many loop pedals out there, it might be difficult to choose one that's right for you. The wide range of Boss Loop Pedals alone is enough to provide an overwhelming number of choices, but if you know what you need it for, or how you plan to use a looper, then you can quickly narrow down your options, and find one that's perfect for you. For instance:

  • New to looping? Just want to experiment laying down a few loops, like rhythm for a few songs? Keep it simple, get the Boss RC-1.
  • Need a drum-machine? If you want drum loops and backing tracks to help you practice, then get the Boss RC-3.
  • Want an Ed Sheeran-style looper, with XLR mic input, extra effects & separate loop channels so you can choose to loop voice and/or guitar? Get the Boss RC-30!
  • Will looping be such a important part of your performance, that you'd need 3 separate channels (maybe, for example, for guitar, vocals and keyboard), loop quantize function and expression pedal, plus the hability to stop each loops via different footswitches? Get the pedalboard-sized RC-300, Boss' ultimate looper!
  • Are you a producer or DJ who'd like to create loops live, then go for the Boss RC-505 Loop Station, a tabletop looper which has quickly became a popular tool with beatboxers, vocalists, and club performers worldwide. If you're a guitarist or singer-songwriter, this is not the looper for you, because it features  DJ and sampler-style effects more aimed at electronic musicians. And, as a tabletop effect, you can't stamp on it! The RC-505 features 5 separate looping tracks, but if you think you don't need as many, then go for the new RC-202, which is based on the RC-505 but only has 2 tracks. It  the distinctive look and fingertip interface style of its big brother, plus a host of new features. Four Input FX and four Track FX are available at once, and loops can be saved to memories in real time for seamless creative expression while performing.

If you're still not sure which one to pick, then check this comparison chart to see all the main differences at a glance:

Boss Loop Pedals Comparison Chart

Boss Loop FX comparison chart

Boss Loopers Tutorial Video

Of course, it's one thing to explain how each looper differs from one another, but this video from Sonic Sense actually shows how each of them work, so you might find this useful, too:

Still Can't Decide? Visit Your Local PMT Store!

If after all this you still can't make up your mind - no problem:Why don't you visit one of our PMT Stores, nationwide? This way you can try a few different Boss loopers for yourself, and ask our experts any further question you may have. Get Looping! Get Looping! Get Looping! Get Looping! Get Looping! Get Looping! Get Looping!

Boss Looper pedals

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