Line 6 G70 Wireless Guitar System


Wireless systems are all the rage with the pros, but new units such as the Line 6 G70 offers pro quality and reliability at an affordable price. If you're a guitarist, then G70 is the wireless system you've been waiting for...

Line 6 G70

The Line 6 G70 Wireless Guitar System is like five pedals rolled into one: it's not only the world's most sophisticated wireless system—its also an ABY switcher, tuner, gain controller and DI box. Relay G70 lets you make better use of your pedal board, and your wallet. This is the perfect wireless system for the gigging guitarist- and as intuitive to use as the fx pedals you're accustomed to use.

Relay G70, like 5 pedals in one! Line 6 Relay G70: like 5 pedals in one!

Featuring fantastic sound quality, rugged reliability and an easy-to-use design, Relay G70 and G75 guitar wireless systems offer capabilities that wired cables and traditional wireless systems can’t match. Enjoy pure guitar tone thanks to industry-leading audio specs and the lowest latency of any digital wireless system. Connect with any standard 1/4” guitar cable—no special cables required. Relay G70 and G75 will change the way you think of using wireless on stage.

With support for multiple transmitters, Relay G70 and G75 make it easier than ever to perform with multiple instruments. Programmable scene presets let you control signal routing, levels and more with the press of a footswitch—set up unique signal chains to optimize the tone of violins, mandolins and more. Quickly match presets and instruments using colored rings on the transmitter and receiver. And output routing gives you the flexibility to switch between different signal paths for different guitars. Plus, a built-in tuner and dedicated aux input let you plug straight in—freeing up valuable pedalboard space.

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Complex signal routing. Made easy.

Featuring all the inputs and outputs you need, Relay G70 and G75 make it easier and more efficient than ever to route your signal on stage—even with complex setups. A 1/4” aux input lets you plug in directly without re-patching pedals, while a premium balanced XLR output ensures consistent audio performance when going direct to the board or a modeler. And with two programmable 1/4” outs plus an XLR out, you can assign outputs for each instrument—easily route your Tele® to a POD®, your Les Paul® to an amp and your acoustic to the XLR DI output.

Make sure the show always goes on.

With Relay you can use rechargeable, or just pop in one of the garden-variety AA batteries available everywhere—either way, you’ll never be stranded on stage with a dead system. A built in accelerometer saves battery live by putting the transmitter to sleep when the guitar is hanging on a stand or in its case.

Richie Kotzen

"I've been looking for a long time for a wireless that not only sounded great but was compact enough to live on my pedal board. Line 6 literally hit it out of the park with the G50. I've done over 100 shows with my G50 without fail and now with the new improvements made on the G70 I couldn't imagine a more practical better sounding better built wireless unit."
—Richie Kotzen

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