New Martin Ed Sheeran 'X' Signature Acoustic Guitar


The most recent Martin partnership with Ed Sheeran, the X signature model, was one of the hottest electro-acoustic guitars released last year - and more have just arrived back in stock!*

Ed Sheeran signature guitar

After the success of the previous LX1 signature model from a couple of years ago, the new Martin Ed Sheeran 'X' Signature Electro-Acoustic once again proved to be a very popular model, and sells-out pretty quickly when it arrives in stock. So don't miss this opportunity to grab yours - it's the perfect electro-acoustic guitar not just for Sheeran fans, but for any singer-songwriter who wants a great-value Martin guitar that's gig-ready and reliable:

Ed Sheeran Signature X Just landed: the Ed Sheeran Signature X

This guitar sounds really good, and it's been one of the most popular acoustics we've sold in the past 12 months. But that's not all - the guitar helps a good cause, too: 100% of Sheeran's royalties from the sales will go to charity. So here's a great guitar serving a great cause - what's not to like? Ed Sheeran himself said that this new guitar is an exact replica of the one he plays onstage, and that it sounds "awesome". Well, who are we to argue?

This signature model looks great and, of course, has the typical quality we all associate with Martin guitars.

The six times platinum-selling album’s X logo is inlayed in solid koa on a solid spruce wood top. The model comes stage-ready equipped with Fishman Isys T electronics, Martin SP Lifespan strings and a padded gig bag. Ed Sheeran is donating 100% of his royalties from the sale of every model to the East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (

Ed Sheeran Guitar


Sheeran is not just one of the biggest names in music right now - he's also one of the most influential. Thanks to his success, more musicians have been turning to 3/4-sized guitars and loop pedals, a setup which could be described as Ed's "magic formula".

Usually thought of as ideal for beginners, 3/4-sized guitars can also be described as travel-sized guitars, due to their portability. Of course, none of those reasons apply as to why Ed Sheeran uses them! Smaller bodied guitars can feel lighter and more comfortable to play, and give a tighter, more focused sound than Jumbo or Dreadnought guitars, which are bassier and louder - perfect if you sing loudly, or if you're playing with a band, but when you sing like Ed Sheeran does, then playing a 3/4-sized guitars starts to make a lot of sense!


Martin LX1 You can still buy a Martin LX1, from the same shop where Ed Sheeran bought his...

Ed Sheeran bought his original Martin LX1 from our PMT Norwich store! We still stock this (non-signature) model in most of our PMT Stores.


Ed Sheeran FX pedals: Meet The Chewie Monsta!

Possibly Eddie’s most notable piece of equipment ever was his Boss RC-20 (discontinued now, replaced by the Boss RC-30) Looping Pedal. Sheeran used the RC-20 in most of his live performances, and he’s probably the most recognized looper in the UK right now. Roland themselves believe that Mr. Sheeran is in fact a "master of looping on the cusp of greatness.”

Sheeran has now moved into more complex looping realms, with a massive custom pedalboard called "The Chewie Monsta".

Ed Sheeran Chewie Monsta pedalboard Ed Sheeran's Chewie Monsta

As looping is a crucial part of Ed Sheeran's performance, he and his guitar tech decided to upgrade to this custom built unit, which allows for better sound quality, better looping and better control of the sound at bigger venues. According to his guitar tech, Trevor Dawkins:

"We needed to source a pedal that had separate outputs for the guitar, percussion, and vocal elements of the loop, allowing for separate treatments (reverb, echo, harmonizer etc.) at the front of the house, Chris and I spent about 6 months contacting every pedal manufacture worldwide that we could think of to get someone to help us come up with a pedal that would be future proof and sonically superior to the RC. Although a couple of manufacturers were interested, no one had an existing product that really came close to what we wanted to do in terms of numbers of outputs and attainable loop lengths."

The "Chewie Monsta" is not an FX pedal, it's a sophisticated, unique pedalboard controller that Ed uses to manipulate a Roland FC300 MIDI Controller which is placed off-stage, described by his tech as the "brain behind the looping system."

The pedal controls Ed's new looper: a Mobius 2 VST plug-in, hosted on Ableton Live. (For more info on Mobius, which is a FREE software, visit

The Monsta has four Roland double pedal-type switches as well as two video screens to monitor the program’s record/overdub/playback functions as well as showing the time frame of the loop itself. The two far left switches (REC / STOP) are part of a Boss RC20 pedal, because Sheeran wanted to keep the same familiar feel. The remaining switches are taken from three Boss RE-20 pedals. Watch him using it at Glastonbury 2014:

According to Dawkins:

"The pedal allows Ed to record, overdub, and play back on any one of four synchronized loops, each of which has its own output, allowing us to now have the guitars, percussion and vocals separately, which is invaluable in a live situation. Ed can also now mute the loops individually, allowing him to alternate between different sections, such as a verse/chorus scenario. We also have an undo function, which allows Ed to clear the last overdub on the selected channel, should he need to."

Ed Sheeran's mic of choice Ed Sheeran's mic of choice, also plugged to his Chewie Monsta

Live, besides his guitar, Sheeran also plugs a Sennheiser e945 to the controller, which is used to loop his vocals. At gigs, Ed uses two mics. The second one is not for looping, it's used just for a clear signal.

Best Guitars & Looper Pedals For Ed Sheeran Fans

If you feel inspired by Ed Sheeran and want to experiment with a looping pedal, there are also other good options available, so check them out:

Boss RC-30 LoopStation

Boss RC30 Boss RC-30, perfect for Ed Sheeran-style looping

This pedal is a fantastic tool for any singer-songwriter who want to enrich their solo performance, so it's no wonder it became Ed Sheeran's essential on stage tool.

Featuring two synchronised stereo tracks, each independently controllable with volume faders and track select buttons and an auto-recording feature that starts recording the moment you begin playing/singing there’s no wonder why countless artists are climbing on board this loop train.

The RC-30 also comes with a great line-up of creative looping effects built-in, including pitch bend, step phaser, sweep filter and tempo delay. Plug in your microphone through the XLR connection with an option of Phantom Power for condenser mics; with the RC-30 you’re options are always open.

Other great options:

But if you want something closer to the "Chewie Monsta" in terms of functionality and versatility, the best option is the TC Helicon VoiceLive 3, which allows you to plug your microphone and guitar, and choose between looping either or both, besides offering a range of other useful effects such as delay and reverb.

TC Helicon Voicelive 3 Don't be jealous of the Chewie Monsta... Voicelive 3 is a beast, too!

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*information accurate as of 21st March 2016