Biggest Ever PRS Guitar Delivery Landing @ PMT Stores


We are receiving our biggest ever delivery of PRS guitars, landing soon at your local PMT Store. This confirms PMT as the Best and Biggest PRS Dealer In The UK!

PRS Guitars @ PMT

PRS & PMT - sounds like we we made for each other, doesn't it! Well, maybe we're right, after all - with our biggest ever delivery of PRS guitars hitting our shops, there's no doubt PMT is the #1 place to buy your new Paul Reed Smith instrument!

We are receiving a massive batch of two of the best PRS guitars ever - the iconic Custom 24 and Custom 22 models, available in many different finishes and landing at a PMT store near you!

What's So Special About The PRS Custom 24?

Born in 1985, the PRS Custom 24 is the original PRS, the quintessential PRS guitar. In the past 30 years, PRS has become one of the biggest, if not the biggest, competitors to Gibson, thanks to guitars such as the Custom 24: stunning instruments that any user will tell you represent great value for money, and sound great. They don't come cheap but any PRS user will tell you they're worth every penny!

This iconic instrument was the first model that Paul Reed Smith brought to the public at PRS Guitars’ first Winter NAMM show in 1985 and has been a top seller ever since. Played by internationally touring artists, gigging musicians, and aspiring players, the Custom 24 features PRS’s patented tremolo system and PRS 85/15 treble and bass pickups with volume and tone controls and a 5-way blade switch. 85/15 pickups were personally designed by Paul Reed Smith and offer remarkable clarity and extended high and low end.

The Custom 24 is an extremely versatile guitar with coil-splitting pickups, which make it suitable for many different styles - from cleans you'd expect from a single coil guitar, to heavier humbucker tones suitable to Heavy Metal and Rock'n'Roll in general. The Custom 22 model is pretty similar to the 24, but with 22 frets only, and different pickups.

Both models are a great alternative for those looking for a stylish guitar that can cover a lot of different ground, at home, in the studio or on stage - always delivering a fantastic tone!

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