Shock! "Random Old Man" Turns Out To Be A Rock Star...


It's not often that we stray from our usual gear-related news, but sometimes we just can't help it. As with the recent "Random Old Man" fiasco, which has been doing the rounds on social media this week.

Basically, a YouTube "celeb" (Zoella... who?) took a photograph of what she called a "random old man" and his dog on the beach... and failed to realize it was the chart-topping, multi-million selling Pink Floyd guitarist, David Gilmour!

Let's not be too harsh here. It's a lovely pic after all, so kudos to that Zoella girl... and if she's not into classic rock, why should she know of David Gilmour? Still... Gilmour is one of the most influential guitarists ever, a multi-millionaire rock star who as recently as last year topped the UK charts (with his latest solo album) and sold millions with Pink Floyd, one of the greatest bands ever, so it still comes as a shock for any self-respect music fan.

As a twist on the tale: Gilmour's wife said he failed to recognize the "random young thing" who took his pic, so it's good to know the universe is still in its rightful order!

But maybe that's just millennials for you... and maybe it could have happened to any of us, so let's not be too quick to judge! Why don't you take our very own "Zoella Test" to see whether you can recognize some of these random old men?


1. Who's this elegant bespectacled gentleman who sadly passed away recently?


a) I Don't Know

b) David Bowie

c) Alan Bennet

2. Who's this beardy man hiding behind shades, indoors?


a) I don't know.

b) Ringo Starr

c) Iranian ex-president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

3. Who's this senior citzen, waving next to Kanye West?


a) I don't know

b) Paul McCartney

c) Kanye West's lawyer

4. Who's this bedraggled man holding a bucket?


a) I don't know

b) Robert Plant

c) My plumber.

5. Who's this eccentrically-coiffured man, posing with a pint at the pub?


a) I don't know

b) Rod Stewart

c) A random old man

Answers: 1) b 2)b 3) b 4) b 5) c


If you answered mostly "a": Zoella, there you are! Thanks for visiting our website! Why don't you buy a guitar and get into music? It can be more fun than "vlogging"...

If you answered mostly "b": You are a typical PMT Online Customer, welcome to the fold! Those millennials do make us feel old, don't they? But hey, we'll always have the music!

If you answered mostly "c": Are YOU a random old man??? Please visit Specsavers immediately... you may need an eyesight test!

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