John Mayer PRS 594 Tease


John Mayer has been teasing us on Periscope with a brand-new guitar: the PRS 594 Double Cutaway 4 Knob Guitar.

There’s been many whispers recently about a collaborative project with guitar manufacturer PRS and singer-songwriter John Mayer, and both camps have been pretty tight-lipped about the whole affair. But thanks to Twitter's live-streaming video service Periscope, it now looks like we might have more of an incite into what's going on.

During a deceptively entitled '52 Tele Blues' Periscope stream, Mayer bowed to pressure coming from gear heads keen to get the latest scoop on the supposed collaboration.

From the 52 Tele Blues' Periscope Video:

Mayer exclaimed: “PRS, you want PRS?” before treating fans to a sneaky look at his brand new PRS 594 guitar. Mayer is quick to point out though: “... This is not a signature guitar or a collaboration, this is a guitar that Paul had that he gave me to try.”

John Mayer PRS 594 Cutaway

"I’m not sure I can even give you the name but it’s the PRS 459 - sorry - PRS 594 Double Cutaway 4 knob guitar."


Mayer ran through a couple of unique features, however his main focus was on the PRS 594's rock-solid intonation and ability to change from a Gibson Les Paul humbucker tone to a Fender single coil tone by pulling the tone knob. It's quite literally two guitars in one!

Could this be the beginnings of a John Mayer signature or a sneaky way of teasing a new PRS model? At this stage we can only speculate, but keep checking PMT House of Rock's social media channels for updates and have a look at our PRS video from NAMM 2016:

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