The Alternative Christmas Songs Playlist


Christmas is not just about turkeys - so if you don't fancy listening to Mariah Carey this year, here's a selection of some rockin' Christmas songs that never made the top of the charts!

Alrternative Christmas songs

Is there anything more rock'n'roll than Christmas? The time of the year when it's acceptable for grown men to act like children, get drunk and unleash mayhem? It's no wonder so many rock bands are partial to a good Christmas song, and many, many acts have, at some point or another, recorded their own attempt of an yuletide classic (though, shamefully, not Hendrix!) Here's our Top 10 (plus a very special one...) "Alternative Christmas Songs playlist"... enjoy!

1) The Beatles, "Christmas Time Is Here Again"

Arguably the finest Christmas song Paul McCartney was ever involved with, and one of the Fab Four's most obscure songs, too!

2) Ramones, "Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight)"

Even punks can feel festive...

3) The Fuzztones, "Santa Claus"

Or, maybe we should call it "All I want for Christmas is a fuzz pedal"... from the "Psych-Out Christmas" album.

4) Billy Childish & The Musicians of The British Empire, "A Quick One (Pete Townshend's Christmas)"

Billy Childish's homage to The Who and Christmas!

5) Julian Casablancas, "I Wish It Was Christmas Today"

The Strokes frontman wrote a full-on Christmas song... an indie classic!

6) The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "All I Want For Christmas"

Another New York band from the same generation as the Strokes, also getting in the festive mood! Cool use of tremolo effect, too, guitar musos!

7) Weezer, "The Christmas Song"

From their Green album, with the typical Weezar guitars... pretty cool!

8) Alice Cooper, "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town"

With the help of John5 and Vinnie Appice, Alice Cooper managed to turn a Christmas classic into something a little bit... creepy! And it rocks!

9) Lemmy, "Run Run Rudolph"

Not sure if Lemmy was ever a good boy, but he (who was born on 24th December!) must love Christmas, if this great version of the classic is anything to go by!

10) Jan Terri, "Rock And Roll Santa"

Ok, so we'll have turkey for Christmas after all! This is an hilarious Christmas video by outsider artist Jan Terri (whose fans include Marilyn Manson!)

Merry Christmas, Everybody! Or should we say... "Merry PMT Xmas, Everybody!"


2 Comments on “The Alternative Christmas Songs Playlist”

  • Mark Taylor
    24th December 2015

    Have you made this into a Spotify playlist?

    • adminpmt
      24th December 2015

      Hi there, Mark!

      Unfortunately not... most of those are not on Spotify...

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