The Best Guitar Gear Of 2015


2015 has been another formidable year for guitar players, with lots of great gear released over the past 12 months. Here's a look at 12 of the best guitar gear that landed at PMT this year!

Best Guitar Gear of 2015

We've seen loads of amazing new guitar gear in the past 12 months, and here's our selection of 12 of the best products that landed on our PMT stores this year, in no particular order. Did you buy any? Did we miss out on YOUR favourite gear? Post your views on the comment box, and let us know!

1) Blackstar Fly 3 Mini Amp

Blackstar Fly3 The mini Blackstar Fly 3 was a huge hit in 2015

This mini amp was a BIG hit in 2015. Tiny in size, yes, but huge in sound! And it is much more versatile than other mini amps - it has an optional extension cab for true stereo sound, digital "tape-style" delay sound, 2-channels and line input. The perfect micro amp for beginners or pros alike, great fun to play! View more

Check this demo for a taste of the Fly 3:

2) Epiphone AFD Slash Electric Guitar Pack

Epiphone Slash AFD Les Paul Performer Pack Epiphone Slash AFD Les Paul Performer Pack... an awesome beginners guitar!

Epiphone did a superb job with their Slash-signature Les Paul guitar packs, which was actually announced last year and arrived just in time for last Christmas. But since then, it has become one of our best-selling products, remaining a firm favourite of our customers for the past 12 months. The reason is simple - it's a great quality starter pack that delivers an authentic Les Paul tone. As Slash said, he didn't have access to anything this good when he was a teen learning the guitar, so new generation of guitarists are very lucky, indeed! Thank you, Epiphone! View packs

3) Blackstar ID:Core Beam Bluetooth Amp - Blood Red

ID:Core Beam Bluetooth

A big shout-out should go for other new Blackstar release, the ID:Core Beam in Limited-Edition Blood Red, perfect for home practice and designed to work well with different types of instruments: electro-acoustic guitar, electric guitar or bass guitars alike. It also works as a bluetooth speaker, something that's also a great feature. The ID:Core Beam is more high-spec'ed, and therefore more expensive, than the Fly 3 - but totally worth the money! And it looks great, too. View more.

4) Vox AC10 Valve Amp

Vox AC10 The new Vox AC10... a new classic?

The Vox AC10 was a welcome addition to the AC family, perfectly sitting between the smaller AC4 and the bigger, more expensive AC15. The Vox AC10 is the best-value choice if you want a tube amp that covers all bases: to use in recording sessions, practice at home and to gig with.

Thanks to its price point, it might as well become a new classic and maybe even turn out to be one of the most popular Vox amps of the past few years. View more.

5) Martin Ed Sheeran X-Signature Guitar

Martin Ed Sheeran X-Signature guitar The popular Martin Ed Sheeran X-Signature guitar

The Martin Ed Sheeran X-Signature electro-acoustic was an instant hit. This limited-edition guitar is a perfect replica of Sheeran's favourite acoustic, giving their fans the chance to own a great instrument just like their idol's. There are still some small quantities available, so if you fancy one, you'd better hurry! View more.

6) Boss DD500 Digital Delay

Boss DD-500 The Boss DD-500... the new King of delay pedals?

Boss revisited its past with the great Waza Craft series, which marked the welcome return of one of its most legendary fx pedals ever, the DM2 Analog Delay. But the hottest pedal they've released in 2015 was, without question, the Boss DD-500 Digital Delay - the most versatile delay they've ever made, giving Strymon a run for their money. It's a great pedal to experiment with guitars, synthesizers... just great! View more.

7) TC-Helicon Voicelive 3 Extreme

TC Helicon VoiceLive 3 Extreme TC Helicon VoiceLive 3 Extreme

The TC Helicon VoiceLive 3 Extreme is the ultimate multi-FX pedal for the solo singer/songwriter, with dedicated mic and guitar inputs and stereo outputs for each. An important tool packed with great sounds, that gives artists full control of their sound, rather than chance it with sound engineers. A great piece of gear! View more.

8) Epiphone Tommy Thayer White Lightning Signature Les Paul

Epiphone Tommy Thayer White Lightning Les Paul Kiss this: Epiphone Tommy Thayer White Lightning Les Paul

Whether you're a big Kiss fan or not, you've got to admit - this is one very cool and unique Les Paul! In fact, the most special Les Paul Epiphone has released in 2015. No pics can truly do justice to the beauty of this Tommy Thayer White Lightning Les Paul: with sparkly top and chrome pickup guard, this baby was made to shine onstage! View more.

9) Gibson 2015 Les Paul Studio

Gibson 2015 Les Paul Studio guitar Gibson 2015 Les Paul Studio guitars, in Desert Burst and Manhattan Midnight

And talking about Les Paul guitars, of course we had to mention Gibson! The 2015 Gibson Les Paul Studio models (in Desert Burst and Manhattan Midnight finishes) were proof that Gibson can make stunning guitars at more affordable prices, too! The 2015 "Studio" guitars are stunning, with finishes that wouldn't be out of place on more expensive PRS guitars, for instance. No wonder the 2015 Les Paul Studios were some of our best-selling guitars this year. View more.

10) Fender Special Run Standard Stratocaster, Black with Maple Fingerboard

Fender Special Edition Standard Stratocaster, Maple Fingerboard, Black Fender Special Edition Standard Stratocaster... very David Gilmour!

One of the coolest Fender guitars we've seen in 2015 was this stunning Fender Special Run Strat in Black... does it look familiar to you? Well, there aren't that many black Strats with black scratch plate, aged pickup covers and knobs, and maple neck (with 1950's "spaghetti" logo) out there, but one person who does play one just like that is Pink Floyd's David Gilmour! This affordable Strat looks almost like a replica of his signature guitar, but at a much lower price than the Custom Shop model of a few years ago! This Strat is a great instrument and a fantastic bargain, which took us by surprise this year... but if you fancy one, hurry - stocks are very limited! View more.

11) Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus amp

Roland Jazz Chorus JC-40 Roland Jazz Chorus JC-40... the return of a classic, but smaller!

The Roland JC40 is a more compact and affordable version of the legendary JC-120 Jazz Chorus - a solid-state favourite for jazz musicians (of course!) but also used by acts such as The Cure and The Police in the 80's. The JC-40 is fantastic for clean tones and lush chorus, and loud enough to be used as a gigging amp. View more.

12) Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini

Ibanez Tube Screamer Nibi Ibanez Tube Screamer Nibi

In 2015 we've seen some great mini pedals, such as the Dunlop Mini Wah, and the Hotone and Blaxx ranges. But the winner has to be the Ibanez Tubescreamer Mini, which is one of the best-value overdrive FX pedals available today, featuring the same specs as a classic TS-808. Some people are willing to spend thousands of pounds on a vintage Klon Centaur, but this humble pedal sounds just as good - unbelievable! Proof that just because something is cheap, it doesn't mean it can't be great! View more.


Fender Bassbreaker amps The new Fender Bassbreaker amps are set to be massive in 2016...

Now that 2015 is almost over, one question is: which gear will be hot in 2016? Well, NAMM 2016 takes place in January, and will be, as usual, the place to have a first look at the hottest new gear for 2016! PMT will be in Anaheim, California, to bring you all the latest news - so keep an eye on our blog!

The Yamaha Revstar range was announced just last week and already have hit our shops. These are sure to become some of the most talked-about guitars in 2016, and they all look and sound fantastic.

The Fender Bassbreaker amps are also set to do well in 2016. Fender announced them early this month, and they'll be officially available to order in the New Year. These amps differ from the usual Fender models because they are more "dark" and rock'n'roll, with specs that should attract guitarists who'd normally go for other brands.

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