New Yamaha Revstar Electric Guitars


Yamaha have announced their first brand new electric guitars range in  20 years: the Yamaha Revstar range is officially launched on Tuesday 15th December, and here's all you need to know!

Yamaha Revstar guitars

According to Yamaha, for more than 3 years a team of designers in Hamamatsu, London and Los Angeles have been working to develop the Revstar concept. The new Yamaha Revstar guitars are their first electric guitar range in 20 years, so this new launch is very special!

The Yamaha Revstar guitars draw inspiration from Yamaha's 50 year guitar-building heritage and customised Cafe Racer motorbikes from the streets of 1960s London. Yamaha said that the Revstar design team created a guitar which perfectly captures the "essence of Japanese engineering and craftsmanship", and that from day one, guitarists from around the globe have worked with Yamaha's engineers and designers to make sure Revstar is built from the player's perspective.

They all look stunning:

Yamaha Revstar Guitars Yamaha Revstar Guitars

On their last teaser video, there was a few interesting hints of what Yamaha is bringing out:

Did you catch it all? If you didn't, then here's a list of some of the Revstar features...

1) The Yamaha Revstar guitars have a similar body shape to their SG-style guitars.

revstar designers

2) Revstar guitars will come with different pickup configurations, including P-90 and Humbuckers. The guitars only have two knobs, plus a pickup switch.

Yamaha Revstar with humbucker

3) Yamaha Revstars will come with different bridge options too, including stopbar, Aluminium Tailpiece and Bigsby.

Revstar Bigsby

 4) What about this guitar / motorbikes connection? 

Revstar Motorbike

As you can see, the guitars (or some of them) will have "racing stripes" similar to the motorbikes, and some of the colour finishes too.  More than anything, the motorbikes served as an inspiration...

But as another video shows, artists seemed very impressed by the Revstar guitars, saying how comfortable they feel, and highlighting that they have that elusive mix between being modern and still  having something classic about them!

Excited yet?  You can expect to find the complete range of Yamaha Revstar guitars on your local PMT Store. Ask in-store for more info, or check the individual Revstar product pages for specs and more videos:

Yamaha revstar guitars

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