How to Learn Guitar in 2016


It is estimated that 1 in 5 people learn how to play the guitar - that's 1.4 billion people who, at some point, will probably get scolded for playing Stairway to Heaven in a guitar shop! But how did they all learn?!

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Traditionally you would learn a new instrument by having lessons with a teacher. You pay them their fee, and they impart their knowledge upon you as you advance as a player. If your teacher is good you will be given things to practice, your mistakes will be corrected, and they will inspire you to play more! But good teachers can be hard to find - how do you even know if they're good if you're a beginner? Teachers' fees may not be within your budget, you might not be able to fit lessons with a teacher into your schedule, or you might just be hungry for more learning than one hour per week! What do you do then?

YouTube brought about the phenomenon of making online learning easy to access, and video games like Rocksmith have gone a long way to turn learning how to play the guitar into a game that satisfies a younger audience. But both methods lack the necessary structure to help you advance as a player, and they can often be overwhelming. Type "learn guitar" into YouTube and you're thrown into an ever-deepening sea of videos. How do you know where to start?! And once you have started, if your favourite YouTube guitarist hasn't structured their videos - or if they simply stop teaching - you could end up stuck in a rut, eventually losing your inspiration and motivation to play.

"How do you even know if your teacher is good, if you're a beginner?"

Fortunately the gap has been bridged by online learning platforms such as musicisum, Guitar Tricks, and Udemy. These platforms are cheaper than private lessons, they have a library of well-structured and organised content that is designed to make you progress as a player, and because the lessons are taught through videos, you can learn as little or as much as you like in your own time, and at your own pace!

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Do online lessons really work?

But can you really learn how to play the guitar online? The rising popularity of music teachers on YouTube and the quality of lessons offered through online learning platforms suggests that it is really working for new learners. You could always try out a few online courses, check out some YouTube lessons, visit a private teacher, and maybe even get a Skype lesson or two! Everybody likes to learn differently, but in 2016 there is definitely nothing stopping you from being able to pick up a guitar, whether you want to learn a few chords, write some heavy riffs, or melt some faces - no matter how old (or young) you are.

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We have teamed up with musicisum to kick-start your guitar learning! Click here to start learning guitar with musicisum and enter the code PMTONLINE to get 3 days completely FREE! They have a community of over 25,000 students from as young as 4 to older than 74, and their guitar course starts right at the very beginning. They're only an e-mail away if you ever have any questions, and they're constantly adding new content to challenge you as you progress as a player.

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