The Best Stratocaster For Pink Floyd / David Gilmour Fans?


The new Fender Special Edition Standard Stratocaster in Black, featuring a maple fingerboard, is the perfect guitar for Pink Floyd / David Gilmour fans, and it's now in stock here at PMT! This great-value guitar is reminiscent of Gilmour's legendary "Black Strat".

David Gilmour Live David Gilmour with his usual Black, maple neck Stratocaster

When, way back in 1968, David Gilmour was brought in to replace Syd Barrett in Pink Floyd, he had a tough job to fill, but he did so in spades. Instead of simply copying Syd, Gilmour brought in his own style - and his choice of guitars also reflected this: gone were the Telecasters, Esquires and Danelectros (Syd's main choices) and in were the Stratocasters. Since then, David Gilmour has become one of the most iconic British guitarists ever, and he is forever associated with the sound of the Fender Stratocaster.

One of those Strats stood out, particularly: his "Black Strat", which was used in classic Pink Floyd songs such as Numb, Shine On You Crazy Diamond and Comfortably Numb.

Not surprisingly, a few years ago Fender released the Custom Shop David Gilmour Signature Stratocaster. Stunning as it is, at over £2,700 the guitar is not the most affordable choice for many guitarists looking for a David Gilmour Strat, but fortunately the new Fender Special Edition Standard Stratocaster is here - and it ticks all the boxes for those who've been looking for a Gilmour-style guitar!

Two Black fender Strats Spot the difference: Fender Custom Shop David Gilmour Strat (top) and Fender Special Edition Strat.

Whether intentionally or not, the new Strat really does look quite a bit like David Gilmour's and, perhaps surprisingly, Stratocasters with those same features (50s-style, maple neck, 3 white pickup covers) are not that common, so this new model is a good addition to the Fender range. If you're a Gilmour fan, then it's a "must-have" instrument, because it's so much more affordable than his signature model!

Of course, since we're talking about a Fender Stratocaster, this Special Edition model is a great choice whether you're a Floyd fan or not! Great clean tones, comfortable neck and suitable for any style from jazz and blues to hard rock.

But let's face it - if you just add some Binson Echorec-flavoured delays (from a TC Electronic Alter Ego pedal) and a touch of Fuzz Face, you will feel a bit like you're in Pink Floyd heaven! Or should we say, you'll feel a bit...comfortably numb!


Fender Champion 100 in Snow White Fender Champion 100 in Snow White

The limited-run Fender Champion 100 in Snow White is a very versatile amp - suitable for silent home practice, band practice and for live gigs! At 100-watts, with dual 12" speakers, this is a perfect gigging amp and one of the best solid-state amps available right now. The fact it's a solid state model means it's great for cranking up at loud volumes whilst still remaining clean - which many players prefer. Add a distortion pedal and you got a great all-round amp for live performance or recording! And the fact it has headphone outputs means you can play quietly at home, too.

It also has some great built-in effects, for added versatility. This is really a great amp and by no means the fact it's not valve diminishes its appeal. The Fender clean tone is legendary and their solid-state models perfectly nail it, too.

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