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Giorgio Moroder is the man who defined the sound of synth pop and disco, and blazed a trail for electronic innovation in popular music. If you missed out on the Limited-Edition Morodernova, here's some good news for you...

Get FREE Giorgio Moroder Patches!

If you buy a new, or already own, a Novation Mininova and have it registered on the Novation website, you will now find 30 of the 50 Giorgio Moroder Morodernova patches on your account,  when you login, totally FREE!

From Donna Summer's 'I Feel Love' to Blondie's 'Call Me' or his Oscar-winning soundtrack for 'Midnight Express', Moroder has put his mark on electronic music. The new Novation MoroderNova was his first ever signature synth, limited to 500 worldwide. They sold like hotcakes earlier this year, and unfortunately many customers who were not able to buy one were left disappointed. However, this generous new offer from Novation means that, at least, Mininova users are able to get most of the sounds which were previously only available to Morodernova users!

The signature sounds identify some of Giorgio's most seminal moments in music. From the timbres of his disco classics with bands such as Sparks and Donna Summer, to the incredible sounds of the Top Gun and Scarface soundtracks, and his recent work with Daft Punk, Novation’s sound designers have matched each and every one to the original. With access to these you'll be able to draw inspiration from the works of one of the most influential producers alive today!

Giorgio Moroder & Cutting Edge Gear

Giorgio Moroder seventies synths Giorgio Moroder in the Seventies: A true synth pioneer.

As one of the most successful producers in the 70's and 80's, and one of the world's great pioneers in the use of synthesizers, Giorgio Moroder knows a thing or two about synths! He's always been on top of what's cutting edge - you name it, and he was probably one of the first to use it: Moog modular synths, Minimoog, ARP 2600, Roland Jupiter 8, Yamaha CS-80... the list goes on!

But what's really interesting, is that the 75-year old producer  still  keeps up-to-date with what's hot! Besides using a Novation MiniNova on his new record and live, he's also been seen using new gear such as the Roland AIRA System-1and, on his current DJ sets, an Apple Mac loaded with Ableton,  Novation Launchpad S and Akai APC40.

Moroder DJ set Still Got It! Moroder at a recent DJ set.

His music is still relevant today, and no wonder that in recent years he's worked with new generations of musicians who grew up with his music, such as Kylie Minogue, Daft Punk and Charlie XCX, so don't miss this chance to enjoy some exclusive Giorgio Moroder Mininova synth patches!


Top 5 Giorgio Moroder Synth Moments

Here's five recordings that represent some of Moroder's finest moments, with seriously great synth sounds... get inspired, now!

Sparks, 'The Number One Song In Heaven'


Dona Summer, 'I Feel Love'


Midnight Express Soundtrack, 'The Chase'


Blondie, 'Call Me'


Daft Punk, 'Giorgio by Moroder'


The Greatest Moustache in Pop?


Fans of Freddie Mercury might disagree, but Giorgio Moroder arguably sports the greatest moustache in pop. It's his trademark - and no wonder it featured on the new MoroderNova logo! Would Moroder - and therefore his music - be the same without that finely-groomed 'tache? Probably not! So we got a lot to thank that Moustache for!

Moroder said it was the fashion back in the seventies to have a big moustache. But he's not very sentimental about it, and for a while, when he first staged his comeback in 2013, he didn't have one. He recently how the moustache became his "look":

 "Now it looks ridiculous." Moroder has said "But back then I was never really out in the world. First of all I was busy working seven days a week until ten or 11 o’clock every day, so people didn’t really see me. I hated that moustache.... But my wife is the biggest fan of that moustache. She’s 22 years younger than me and in the 80s she was dancing to the sounds I made with a moustache. When I started again, she said, “Giorgio, you have to get your moustache back.” I said, “I don’t want to!” But she convinced me."

"I’ll tell you for sure, once I do finally retire, the moustache is going for good."

If you're a Giorgio Moroder fan - enjoy the moustache while you can!

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