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Vox Amps have long been one of the most desirable brands of guitar amps. This month's Vox Days at select PMT Stores is a great opportunity to check some of their latest gear - including the new Valvetronix VTX range - and win a Vox amp!

Vox Days @ PMT

After a busy and successful weekend at PMT Birmingham's Music's Live trade show, where Vox was of course one of the highlights, we are bringing out three dedicated Vox Days events to select PMT Stores across the country, this November: Saturday 14th at PMT East London, Saturday 21st at PMT Manchester, and Saturday 28th at PMT Cambridge.

At these events you'll be able to check out the latest VOX gear including the new VTX Series, VX-I and VX-II combos. And if you test drive any VOX amp on the day, you'll get a free KORG or VOX Guitar Tuner! There will be a limited amount of VOX merchandise, mugs & t-shirts etc. up for grabs too, and you could win a VOX VX-I modelling combo amp at the event!

vtx range Be one of the first to try the new Valvetronix VTX amps!!

Since the 1960's Vox has been synonymous with quality and their amps, fx pedals and other gear have been used by some of the best and most popular bands in the world. So ahead of our Vox Days events, let's take a look at their remarkable history...

Vox Amps: All Those Years Ago

Beatles live 1963 The Beatles were one of the first bands to use Vox amps, such as the AC30

Vox amps first came to people's attention thanks to The Beatles, who used the brand for most of their career: from AC30 amps during their Cavern Club days and the beginning of Beatlemania, to larger custom models for their last stadium tours. Vox became "the" must-have brand for the British Invasion bands of the Sixties: The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Yardbirds and many others used AC30s.

The typical Vox sound is usually described as jangly, clean and trebly... pretty much like Fender, though with even more emphasis on the treble. When people compare the main brands of guitar amps versus each other, picking a favourite usually depends on what you want: most guitarists will think of Marshall for power and volume, and Vox and Fender when it comes to great cleans. But that's a simplistic way to describe things. Vox's distortion circuits have been hugely influential, too.

"People praise Vox for their jangly cleans, but that's a bit simplistic. Their fuzz sound is just as influential"

All the fuzzy guitar solos on The Beatles' 'Sgt. Pepper' album came from the built-in fuzz of their amps. Vox was also one of the first manufacturers of the Tone Bender fuzz pedal, which was used by Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Mick Ronson and many other guitarists from the late Sixties and early Seventies.

Across the pond, the Velvet Underground were one of the first bands to be endorsed by the brand and used almost exclusively their amps to create the sound of their first two classic albums, relying heavily on their fuzz sounds!

Velvet Underground and Vox The Velvet Underground: legendary Vox users

Since then, many classic artists have used Vox, and Paul McCartney remains a faithful user to this day. Same goes to The Edge from U2: it's impossible to think of him without his AC30 amps... almost as hard to envisage as him not wearing his cap.

But one of the best and strongest advocates of the "Vox sound" is none other than Queen's Brian May. If there's one thing he likes better than badgers, is a good Vox Ac30! In this excellent, short interview, he explains really well what's so great about these classic guitar amplifiers:

Vox Amps: The New Generation

Peace and Vox Peace, one of the most popular indie bands today, also uses Vox

In the 1990's, a new generation of British musicians revitalized the UK's music scene. We're talking about the Britpop era of course, and along with it came a rediscovery of that great icon of British rock'n'roll - the good old Vox amp! Oasis, Radiohead and Suede were some of the biggest band's who've used Vox. Bernard Butler used two AC30s with distortion pedals to great effect, in songs such as 'Metal Mickey':

Today Vox is considered a really "cool" brand, and some of the best current bands use their amps. To own a Vox is to make a statement, almost, of being part of a certain classic lineage of Vox users. For many players, when they choose Vox, it's not just about the tone - it's also that classic look, the logo, the history, the past users. Besides, Vox amps always take FX pedals really well, which is an essential factor for most modern guitarists.

The Vaccines The Vaccines

Bands as diverse as Arctic Monkeys, The Libertines, Anna Calvi, Everything Everything, Deerhunter and Klaxons have relied on Vox amps, and the current roster of Vox-endorsed users is a who's who of some of the most exciting bands right now: Wolf Alice, Peace, The Vaccines, The Maccabees, White Denim, Warpaint, Foo Fighters and many other top names. Check the official Vox Artists page for more profiles and interviews.

“The AC30s are incredibly full-sounding amps. They create the perfect base for me to layer my effects onto and experiment while sustaining maximum clarity. Very sick! “

Joff Oddie (Wolf Alice)

Joff Oddie (Wolf Alice)

vox logo

 "In the madness of sound that is the Klaxons the AC30 gives me the cut and mid-range that I need!"

Klaxons live

Si (Klaxons)

Rob Ackroyd Backstage with VOX

Vox Amplification have added Rob Ackroyd of Florence and the Machine to the VOX family. VOX caught up with Rob ahead of their London gig at Alexandra Palace and gained some real insight into how the band have risen in fame.

From bedroom guitarist to headlining Glastonbury with his AC30C2X, check out this interview!


Enter our prize draw and be in with a chance to win one of four VOX VX-I modelling combo amps! To enter, sign the competition form with your name and email address in PMT East London, Manchester or Cambridge during the VOX Day event to be entered into the prize draw.


If you love Vox, join us for our Vox Days events at one of these PMT Stores:

Saturday 14th Nov 2015

“The VOX Room” @ PMT EAST LONDON (more info...)

Address: 10-14 Eastern Ave E, Romford RM1 4DR | Phone: 01708 746082

Saturday 21st Nov 2015

PMT MANCHESTER (more info...)

Address: The Red Rose Centre, Unit 5, Regent Road, Salford, M5 3GR | Phone: 0161 877 6262

Saturday 28th Nov 2015

PMT CAMBRIDGE (more info...)

Address: 172 East Rd, Cambridge CB1 1BG | Phone: 01223 300324

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