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Mini pedals are all the rage right now, and few brands can claim to make them any better (or smaller!) than Hotone. PMT now stocks the Hotone Mini FX Pedals range, and these pedals are already proving to be a huge success.

Hotone mini FX pedals... NO IN STOCK! Hotone mini FX pedals... NOW IN STOCK!

The Hotone Skyline-series pedals might look like toys, but they are far from that. This range of mini fx pedals is really well built and they all sound great! They're almost like the "Strymon of mini pedals" - the high-quality mini pedals that everyone loves!

These pedals are great whether you need to save space on your pedalboard, or to simply experiment with new sounds without needing to spend too much money. Some pros are also starting to use them and the Hotone Head Amps, such as Lucy Rose and Gus Robertson from Razorlight:

Guy Robertson and hotone pedals Gus Robertson from Razorlight with his Hotone pedals

As Gus pointed out at a recent interview, Hotone pedals are also a great because you can easily pack them when travelling, so you can pretty much have a mini FX pedals selection to take with you anywhere, leaving your bigger pedals at home! Gus said:

"The Hotone stuff is really great – simple, small and great. When I first tried them, I was looking at them as possible space-saving solutions to keep my board as small as possible, but that’s not how I’ve ended up using them, though certainly they do provide a solution there. For me, both the amp heads and speakers and the pedals are brilliant for writing on the go. For example, I’m heading out to Europe next week for a week’s writing. I don’t want to take my gear with me – it would, in fact, be nigh impossible – but I need to be able to write and record at a decent level. Laptops are perfect recording notepads, but don’t give you the tone and feel for an electric guitar sound. Armed with the Hotone amp head, speaker and a few of the pedals – all of which fits into a small bag – I can reproduce great tones that I can then go back and translate into my main setup. Really, I can’t express how good they are for this – so compact and yet sound great. I’ve only tried the British Invasion head so far, but I’m loving it."

Here's a very good demo of the Hotone EKO delay:

The Hotone pedals are a really great alternative to bigger and more expensive fx pedals... they won't hurt your pocket and, well, can actually fit in your pocket too! They're now in stock at PMT Online and also at our PMT Stores - so feel free to drop by and try them out!

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