Free Drum Lessons @ PMT Northampton


We are now offering FREE drum lessons for school-age beginners at PMT Northampton House of Drums! A great opportunity to give the young ones a good taster of how fun playing drums can be.

PMT Northampton House of Drums FREE drum lessons at PMT Northampton House of Drums... come visit us!

Drums are a great instrument for children and teens - a fantastic way to get them busy doing something musical while spending all that energy they have! As we've outlined on our Beginners Guide for Drummers blog, drums are suitable for people of all ages, and we offer everything from junior kits for children, to full professional kits.

PMT Northampton is now offering FREE taster lessons in store. These are available to all under-18s*, and will take place in our dedicated drum department. A great way to introduce your children to the instrument, and also to help you choosing what's the most suitable gear for their needs, if you're thinking of buying a drum kit this Christmas!

To book a lesson, please call us on 01604 230433 and ask for the House of Drums.

*Subject to availability.


5 Comments on “Free Drum Lessons @ PMT Northampton”

  • wei feng
    13th November 2015

    my daughter will b 4 years old in December , can she learn it ?

    • adminpmt
      13th November 2015

      Hi Wei Feng, yes absolutely. We have smaller kits available in the store for you daughter to try out, just give PMT Northampton a call on 01604 230433 so they can arrange for you.

  • sarah ritchie urquhart
    16th November 2015

    I have bought a drum kit and would love my 3 boys (youngest is autistic 5 years old) i would like to book all three kids one weekend. Thanks xxx)

    • adminpmt
      16th November 2015

      Hi Sarah, that should be absolutely fine. If you give PMT Northampton a call on 01604 230433 the boys will be able to arrange the lessons for your sons. Cheers!

  • Tracy
    21st November 2015

    hi there. Do you offer drum lessons generally - I'm a 52 year old woman and would love to learn. Thanks

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