Korg MicroKey Air - Wireless MIDI Control


Korg MicroKey Air Wireless MIDI Control announced! Very portable, versatile and affordable new range of MIDI controllers for iPads, iPhones, Mac or PC!

Korg MicroKey Air 61 Key

With so many MIDI controllers on the market offering an incredible array of different knobs, buttons pads and integration. The original MicroKey was refreshingly focused on providing natural feeling keys and simple operation above all else, making it the obvious choice for keys players on the move or if you just needed to add some keys to a busy setup.

Things have gotten even easier with the MicroKey Air, offering Bluetooth operation for wireless MIDI on your iPad, iPhone or Mac/PC. With around 30 hours operation before needing to recharge/replace the two AA batteries and good old fashioned USB operation as an alternative.

The new MicroKey Air Wireless MIDI Controller The new MicroKey Air Wireless MIDI Controller

The new Air models come in 25, 37, 49 or 61 key configurations for anything from a bit of single finger bass line programming or more full on two handed arrangements. No matter which you choose there's stacks of software included from Korg and pro plugin bods AAS.

Korg Microkey keyboards

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