New Blackstar Artist Series Valve Amps


The newly announced Blackstar Artist Series Valve Amps are boutique guitar amps with fantastic tube tone and are perfect for players who use effects pedals.

The new Blackstar Artist 30 valve amp The new Blackstar Artist 30 valve amp

More affordable than the handwired Artisan Series amps, the new Artist 15 and Artist 30 amps nevertheless excel in quality: pure, genuine tube tone that works great with effects pedals. The Artist Series guitar amps take the incredible tone, features and classic styling of Artisan and adds channel switching, ISF, reverb and an effects loop, to create the ultimate PCB-based boutique style amps for clean, crunch and pedal use.

In keeping with their Artisan heritage, there are two models: a 1x12" 15W combo and a 2x12" 30W combo. Powered with 6L6 valves and Celestion V-Type speakers, these amps deliver pristine Blackstar tone with less gain on Channel 2 making Artist the perfect amps to be used with stomp boxes.

From up-and-coming indie acts to established hard rock and metal guitarists, such as Nita Strauss, a really impressive number of pros choose a Blackstar as their go-to amps, and their popularity will only increase with this latest release!

Other new releases

But the Artist series is not the only exciting release from Blackstar. They've also announced other, more affordable product which also promises to be very popular in the next few months. Check out the ID:Core Beam 40H Head:

Blackstar ID: Core beam 40H The new Blackstar ID: Core beam 40H is a compact, lightweight, affordable and versatile guitar amp head, ideal for the gigging guitarist who want great tone without breaking the bank! MORE INFO

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