New Meinl Cymbals Byzance Centre @ PMT Stores!


PMT House Of Drums prides itself on stocking all the latest and best gear, and we're delighted to say that our East London, Manchester and Birmingham  stores are all set to become a Meinl Byzance Centre!

Meinl Byzance Cymbals
As well as stocking major brands such as Zildjian and Sabian, we needed that 3rd brand to stay on top of the market as a major drum retailer- we're talking about Meinl, of course! This is a brand "By drummers, for drummers", and they mean it. That's why so many top drummers put their trust in Meinl, including: Chris Adler (Megadeth), Chris Coleman (Prince), Brann Dailor (Mastodon), Tommy Clufetos (Ozzy, Black Sabbath), plus many others.

Meinl are always looking to create new things for drummers and better ways to do that, so there is a lot of innovation in what they do and how they do it. That's why, back in May, some of our boyz at PMT were flown over to Meinl HQ in Gutenstetten, Germany, to hand pick a profile of the highest quality. This meant going through 1000s of Meinl cymbals and choosing which ones had the best qualities suitable for our stores and for you, our loyal customers:

Boyz On A Plane Boyz On A Plane... We always go the distance for our customers!


Outside the factory The Boyz outside Meinl's HQ: "Please let us in, we swear we got an invite!"


Meinl Welcomes the Boyz Meinl Welcomes the Boyz!


Meinl HQ Meinl HQ: flying the flag of quality cymbals. It was pleasure to visit it!

After meeting Bernie, the International Sales Manager of Meinl,  alongside Ben and Bruce from D'addario UK, we were officially excited about this great opportunity to visit Meinl's HQ, and now we are really pleased to be sharing this amazing brand with you all!

As Meinl themselves say on their website:

"Drummers continually tell us how they become inspired by playing MEINL cymbals. They are inspired by the new sounds that they hear and feel, which at the same time hones and shapes their personal drum style. This is the biggest compliment for us, as well as the driving force behind all our activities! It encourages us to develop new sounds and to push our creativity farther forward."

And if you still haven't discovered just how good Meinl cymbals are, now there's really no excuse! We're excited to announce that as of this week (beginning 26th October) we will start the install of a large selection of the Meinl range. From the world famous Benny Greb Signature Sand crashes to the Big Apple Jazz ride, we will have something for everyone!

Meinl Byzance Centre

The new stock will be fitted into the East London, Birmingham and Manchester PMT House of Drums departments.

PMT Manchester and PMT East London will be officially launching the brand this week, on the night of their Dave Major Drum Clinics, on 27th and 28th October, respectively. And the PMT Birmingham launch will be over the second weekend of November, at their Music's Live event.

Meinl Cymbals for Sale

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