RPM Gigs Series Showcase North East ​Heavy Metal & Punk Bands ​​


As proud supporters of all things that R-O-C-K, PMT Online is very pleased to hear about the success of the RPM Gigs Series in Newcastle, sponsored by, you guessed, us!

Sure, it's fine just selling musical gear to aspiring musicians, but PMT House of Rock likes the idea of actually supporting our local music scene, whenever we can. How many music shops can claim the same?

This series of three gigs is the work of North East music website​ NE:MM, and aims to give local band​s​ ​a showcase opportunity in Newcastle and Sunderland. The RPM Gig Series semi-finals at the beginning of October were a huge success, and will culminate in a grand finale at Trillians rock bar in Newcastle on 12th November, with a cash prize at stake!

Here's a few pics from the semi-finals:

Black Atom Movement Black Atom Movement


Plague Rider Plague Rider


Fire Lady Luck Fire Lady Luck


For more photographs, please visit the NE:MM website.

NE:MM’s owner Russell Poad explains: “NE:MM is a company committed to the promotion of all musical genres. Ou​​r​ website​​​ covers all types of music from classical to heavy rock and everything in between. ​It's great to give local heavy metal ​and​ punk band​s a chance to raise their profile and spread their music far and wide.”

The RPM Gig Series Final sponsored by PMT Newcastle takes place on 12th November 2015 at Trillians, in Newcastle. Entry is £3 on the door and the bands competing for a big cash prize are:

Black Atom Movement
Hellion Rising
Plague Rider

It’s going to be one hell of a gig, so don't miss it!

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