Roli Seaboard RISE


Thanks to integration with the synthesis capabilities of Equator, the Seaboard goes way beyond what many of our humble guitars and cellos are capable of.


The original range of Seaboards caused quite a stir when they were finally made available to the public, indeed we've been able to see minds being blown first hand as people see them in store for the first time. It's when you get hands on that things get really special however, finally the keyboardists and pianists get the expressive capabilities that those of us who play stringed instruments take for granted.

Perhaps the only thing that hasn't quite blown people away is the price of the Seaboard Grand and Stage, these are truly new instruments, assembled in London and used by the biggest composers, so they don't come cheap. However this all changes with the introduction of the Seaboard Rise, a 25 key MIDI Controller version that offers the unique Sea Interface at an entry level price.

  • RRP: £599
  • 25 Keywaves
  • New touch- sensitive trackpad and faders on the left of the keyboard.
  • Built-in MIDI over Bluetooth and battery for 8 hours continuous play.
  • Equator software, designed to work with the multi dimensional expressive capabilities of the Seaboard.

That's a full Seaboard with the unique features that made it the pick of cutting edge composers like A R Rahman but for less than half the current RRP of the smallest Seaboard Grand.