Yamaha THR100H Head


100-watts head amps have become part of rock'n'roll mythology, but one huge problem is that they are usually very big and heavy! But the new Yamaha THR100H and THR100H Dual are innovative and super-versatile head amps that buck this trend: they're light, slim and packing a powerful punch - besides perfectly recreating the tone of 5 different types of valves! Meet the amps you've been waiting for...


Finding the perfect tone is a journey- searching for boutique pedals, making custom cables, swapping out speakers, experimenting with different tubes- each step a discovery that leads down a new creative path. With THR amp heads, Yamaha has designed innovative, flexible amplifiers that will play an integral role in your sonic journey to find that perfect sound.
These heads are at home in any situation: playing at home, in the recording studio or at gigs.

They are the perfect guitar amps for the modern guitarist who cares above all about tone, these heads are lighter than a valve head amp would be, but sound just as good, thanks to Yamaha's innovative VCM Technology, which faithfully recreates the tones of 5 different tubes:

  • - 6V6: Warm, soft, round sound with rich harmonics and easy distortion
  • - EL84: Smooth feel with soft, tactile, harmonically rich response and a pleasingly musical top end. Widely used in modern class A amps
  • - KT88: Big, clean, tight sound with outstanding headroom—great for rock, where more pronounced note definition is desirable
  • - 6L6GC: Strong, pronounced midrange character and bright, clean, powerful punch. Commonly associated with American guitar sounds
  • - EL34: Pronounced midrange, tight low end and crisp treble. The most recognisable British guitar sound

Watch the official THR100H introductory video:

In addition to these new heads, Yamaha has also announced two new cabs which make the perfect companions to the new amps: the THRC112 1x12” and the THRC212 2x12” guitar speaker cabinets.



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Ivan Silva