Roland EA-7 Keyboard


Recently announced the EA-7 arranger keyboard has over 1500 sounds and dual screen technology that lets you access keyboard tones and backing tracks easier than ever before. If you somehow manage to get tired of playing with all that there's plenty of room for expansion with audio import and MIDI support. All this functionality is easy to get at thanks to a load of dedicated controls that puts everything you need at your fingertips.


Taking a close look at the EA-7 and you can see the screens are dedicated to either backing styles on the left or your selection of tones on the right. Further there's a nice big bank of user programs, one touch buttons for triggering your own selection of phrases or samples, alongside the usual suspects like the transport, intro and variation commands. With these features and a diverse number of built in sounds, plus the dedicated mic input this arranger will suit musicians who play live, whether in a band or solo. Allowing you slot right in, sing along or run the whole gig from your your keys.


Roland E-A7 Features


Roland E-A7 vs BK-5


The E-A7 is a newer addition to Roland's family of arrangers and so represents a slight departure in style. The main emphasis is on expansion and ease of use. Those dual screens and user configurable buttons are really handy for getting at sounds on the fly, letting you experiment and improvise.


Using the 128 MB of onboard memory you can create multi-sample instruments or simply store one shots for triggering live. The palette of existing sounds on the E-A7 is a bit more extensive and worldly, whether that suits you or not we'd advise getting down to a store to try them out and see the difference for yourself.


Of course the E-A7 does cost that little bit more and might overall be the better choice for musicians who already know what they want to achieve. While the BK-5 still offers a huge choice of sounds, for those writing, practicing and finding their own voice.


Arrangers are often overlooked by those seeking a "one size fits all" keyboard. But with plenty of tones, backing tracks for practice, built in recording and expansion the E-A7 is great for trying new ideas, portable enough for gigging and offers all the right features for creating in the studio.