Allen & Heath Qu-Pac Digital Mixer


The latest member of the Qu family of mixers from Allen & Heath is the most compact and versatile yet. Capable of rack mounting and tabletop operation, plus it's loaded with all the iPad controls features, FX and touchscreen capability that made the other mixers in the range so popular.



Naturally the size of the Qu-Pac Digital Mixer lends it best to use in smaller venues or as part of a versatile PA rig that might be setting up for spoken word one day and a full band the next. Thanks to the array of buttons and it's vibrant 5" touch screen you get easy access to the full range of 4 band EQ and effects, plus Qu Control lets you get all the most important aspects of your mix on one screen. Finally setup permissions to make sure the operator can't get their grubby mitts on anything they shouldn't, setup for bar staff to use for playback during the day then unlock and flick a button for band setup at night.


Analogue Punch

Being A&H it packs plenty of punch in terms of sound quality too, with their legendary mic pres offering crystal clear audio, going into high quality digital conversion to keep things pristine.


ILive FX

Being digital there's stacks of FX built right into the Qu-Pac and we're not talking about a bit of ping pong delay and plate here either. Allen & Heath have replicated some of the world's most respected outboard effects in digital form to spice up your live performances. The collection keeps growing too, so with future firmware upgrades your collection expands.


iLive FX

If you're working in the studio the Qu-Pac is a top choice too, with a 32x32 audio interface built right in. Plus expansion for ME-1 personal mixers and dSnake support that allows your Qu-Pac to become the hub of an expanding studio setup.



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Hugh McKenna