Gibson Releases Limited-Edition "Sprint Run" 2015 Les Paul Guitars!


The more traditionalist guitarists might be glad to hear a limited-run of 2015 models is coming soon, with more conventional specs - the Gibson Sprint Run Les Paul guitars!


First off, let's be clear here: if you're reading this you probably know that the Gibson 2015 guitar range indeed didn't please everyone, but then again, why should it? In the first months of 2015, it seems that most people who complained about the improvements and new specs of the 2015 range were people who didn't plan - or needed - to buy a new Gibson.

As far as our own experience goes, PMT customers who bought Gibson 2015 guitars were very pleased with their instruments. After all, there was not much to complain as far as electric guitars go: stunning looks, awesome sound, great playability and loads of versatility! After all, a Gibson is a guitar you can trust...


However, guitarists can be very traditionalist by nature. Many just want to play what their heroes played years ago (and that's why Gibson 1959 Les Paul Reissue Models are always very sought-after).

Those players will be pleased to hear, then, that Gibson had the opportunity to manufacture a limited-run of "Sprint Run" Les Paul guitars with slightly more conventional specs, which should be enough to please players who wanted a new Les Paul with a more traditional feel.


These guitars share most of the specs of their standard 2015 counterparts, apart from two crucial differences: the necks are once again the classic-style Gibson necks, narrower than the 2015 models; and they featured traditional machine-heads and tuners, instead of G-Force robot tuners.

The Sprint Run is just a very limited, special run of selected guitars, made before the Gibson factory goes full throttle on the production of their new Gibson 2016 models. Which means that, besides addressing some issues that more traditionalist players complained about, it also makes them instantly collectible!

LP studio

Whether you decide to buy a Sprint Run or standard run Les Paul Studio, you can be sure you are buying what is possibly the best ever Les Paul Studios so far! They simply look stunning, besides having the versatility of coil-tapping humbuckers. What was once a "no-frills" workhorse guitar for the studio musician, now is a bona fide killer guitar to take to gigs, too!

At the current prices, the Les Paul Studio is an absoulute bargain, quite possibly the best value-for money Gibson guitar you'll ever find!


And if you're still not convinced about those 2015 models... fair enough! But remember that even the revered '59 Les Paul wasn't popular back in 1959 itself, because it was so different and innovative back then!

So far, no one knows any details about the Gibson 2016 guitar models. Maybe Gibson will try to address some issues to cater for more conservative tastes as well, and maybe this Sprint Run is a sign of things to come! But our sincere advice is: if you want to buy a Gibson, just go for it! Whichever year it was made, new or used, G-Force or no G-Force, a Gibson guitar will always be a source of pleasure and a great investment! You will love your new Gibson, that's for sure!


By Ivan Silva