Live Sound At Its Best: New RCF Active PA Speakers!


RCF was founded in 1949 in Italy, and is today one of the most respected names in live sound. Over the years the company has established itself as a world leader in the design, production and marketing of high-technology Professional and Commercial Audio products. Asher, the store manager from PMT Leeds, took a look at some of their new products.


EVOX12 Portable Array:

Having made their first incredible offering into the small scale line-source PA market last year with the release of the EVOX5 and EVOX 8 portable array systems, we are happy to announce that RCF have done it again! Launched at Musikmesse 2015 these new line-source portable systems are capable of best-in-class performance and dynamic reproduction, yet again setting the bar even higher for the portable PA market.

The new EVOX 12 goes even further to dispel the myth that "Portable Array's don't deliver in full band scenarios" - believe me, these do!

With 8x4" high power neodymium drivers in the top array and a 15" subwoofer all powered by a 1400-watt (peak) amp section. Full of punch, warmth and clarity from 40Hz to 20,000Hz we guarantee you will fall in love with what EVOX12 has to offer your band, corporate event or DJ set! View EVOX 12 product page

ART732-A and ART735-A Active Speakers:

Last Year was another year for RCF revolutionising value and quality into the sub-£1,000 Active Speaker market as they released the ART745-A - the first two-way active speaker to feature a 4.0" voice coil on the compression driver, previously only available on speakers with more than double this price tag.

With this release RCF set the bar at a whole new level, featuring a crossover lower than ever before for a full range two-way speaker at 650Hz the ART745-A's were able to deliver vocal clarity in much bigger venues whilst still giving a powerful, clean low end response.

The ART732-A's are a fantastic in-between beyond the ART712-A MKii's but just before you reach the ART745-A's specs - featuring a 12" woofer with a 2.5" high power voice coil and a 1.4" Neo Compression Driver with a 3.0" voice coil (Crossover set at 900Hz) this model is ideal for a vocal PA in larger venues where more High & High-Mid Frequency throw is required than the ART712-A MKii's - to get your vocal clearly to the back of the room where previously it may have begun to sound a little 'muddy' or 'dull' but also in situations where the bass response of a 15" woofer isn't required (or if you have subs and don't need your tops to cover anything past low mid-range frequencies). Plus they sound fantastic!

The ART735-A's offer the same advanced Signal Processing, 7-series Digital Amplifer Section and compression driver as the ART732-A's but with a 15" high power woofer in a bass reflex housing capable of 45Hz at -3dB! Plenty of low end for a speaker of this configuration which is partly thanks to the lower crossover giving the 15" driver less work to do!

An ideal setup for Vocal entertainers and Solo artists who want plenty of bottom end without carrying around subwoofers and a very welcome addition to the RCF product range at an astonishingly good price point.

All in all the PMT PA Crew have been very impressed with the versatility and sonic quality of the new RCF products and we can't wait to show you what they can do in store!



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By Asher Dowson, PMT Leeds