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ADAM monitors are some of the best and most popular monitors available today, used by top professionals worldwide. With unique features such as ribbon tweeters, ADAM monitors offer outstanding performance and audio fidelity. PMT House of Rock is an authorized dealer, and four of our PMT stores are ADAM Reference Listening Centres which you can visit to hear these extraordinary monitors: Leeds, Bristol, Newcastle, Manchester.



ADAM ("Advanced Dynamic Audio Monitors") is a company that, from their beginnings in 1999, has lived up to their ambition to raise standards in audio reproduction, "noticeably and audibly" as they put it.

The development of their ART (Accelerating Ribbon Technology) tweeter was the crucial development that put the company on the map, and which make their monitors stand out, by producing sound not with a piston-like diaphragm as is done in most of the loudspeakers that are on the market, but using a pleated diaphragm that is capable of moving the air 4 times faster than the folds themselves are moving.

The ART design offers amazing reliability, sound radiation characteristics, low distortion and high efficiency. It is the embodiment of a transparent, highly defined and authentic sound. This design has undergone reconstruction and current ADAM monitors feature the new X-ART technology, which provides 4dB higher efficiency and reproducing frequencies accurately all the way to 50kHz, making a huge difference.

This video by Sound On Sound, showing the ADAM factory in Berlin, offers us a glimpse on how Audio studio monitors are made:

The X-ART tweeter is a perfect balance in what is an excellent piece of craftsmanship. Furthermore, they are a huge improvement on the usual horn tweeters found on other brand's monitors, which can heat up over time with friction and as a result change the frequency response.

For this reason, ADAM monitors have been adopted worldwide by an impressive list of famous recording studios and producers, including: Abbey Road, Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox, Carl Cox, Brian Wilson, Butch Vig, Danny Elfman, Ed Buller, Rupert Neve, Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, DJ Kenny Ken and many others.


The new F series, consisting of the two active nearfield monitors F5 and F7, is designed in the continuing tradition of the legendary ADAM professional monitors. The aim is to focus on the essence of a monitor, i.e. precise and natural sound reproduction at a new, lower price point.

With the new F series you are able to have the same great tools the world‘s best producers and mastering experts rely on for their daily studio work. The extraordinary clarity of the X-ART tweeter paired with the powerful bass reproduction of the woofer make these speakers very attractive for a number of applications.

Be it an expressive monitor in your home recording studio or on your desktop, the new F series is an ideal entry to the world of Pro Audio.


The AX-Series from ADAM Audio provides you with a wide range of monitors for different applications. Their excellent price-performance ratio makes them suitable for professional studio applications as well as upscale home recording

The chamfered upper corners of the sturdy cabinet fronts minimize edge diffraction so that phase cancellation is not an issue. The speaker interior is equipped with a special fleece that prevents disturbing internal resonances as well as ensuring a better bass reflex tuning.

The power switch and volume control are easily accessible on the front panel for greater ease of use. The front-firing bass ports are very useful as well, allowing the monitors to be set up closer to a wall if need be.

The AX series is very popular and, in fact, the A7X Active Studio Monitor is ADAM's best-selling product.


The SX-Series offers monitors designed and built for no-compromise professional use. ADAM’s experience based on many years of intense research and development in the field of electro-acoustics combined with selected, high-quality electronic components and materials results in these top class studio monitors.

Due to their high efficiency of over 90%, these amplifiers have less power loss and are thus more loadable and durable than classic A/B amplifiers. They are also more broadband with additional sonic benefits in the treble range.

An excellent transient response, clear sound quality and a broad versatility have made the SX-Series monitors coveted tools in recording studios around the world.


ADAM Audio subwoofers are designed with one primary goal in mind: Achieving absolute accuracy and an authentic natural sound in the process of music reproduction. This means combining exceptional bass power with precision and clarity in every subwoofer. These elements are the perfect partners to complement the highly acclaimed clarity and transparency of ADAM monitors in the lower and lowest frequencies.

All subwoofers feature both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) input/output connectors and comprehensive control options that allow for adapting to different room acoustics and requirements.


If what you've read so far piqued your interest, why not visit one of our four ADAM Reference Listening Centres? PMT Leeds, PMT Newcastle, PMT Bristol and PMT Manchester have dedicated ADAM areas where you can listen for yourself just how good these monitors are, plus a knowledgeable PMT staff ready to help you!

Here's a few pics from our stores:


PMT Newcastle


PMT Bristol


PMT Manchester


PMT Leeds


It's also good to mention that all ADAM products come with quite long Warranties: 5 years on AX, SX & Subs, and 2 Years on the F series!




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