ROLI Seaboard GRAND "The Piano Of The Future" Arrives at PMT!


It's not every day that you have the chance to play a truly innovative, new musical instrument. The ROLI Seaboard GRAND has been hailed as the "piano of the future" and is probably the most exciting development of this type of instrument in decades!


The ROLI Seaboard GRAND is a digital stage piano like no other, more tactile and "organic" than any piano ever, this is the most innovative and revolutionary piano ever made, already being used by famous artists such as film composer Hans Zimmer. This keyboard could change the way you play and make music forever - a new, intuitive way of playing!
In this video, Zimmer explains what makes the Seaboard so special:

Expression in every gesture

For centuries, keyboardists have been forced to accept the velocity of their key strikes marking the end of that note's expressive potential. With the Seaboard GRAND, however, this interaction is merely the beginning. Intuitive gestures such as presses, bends and slides open new avenues to musical expression.
In fact, it's not entirely correct to call the Seaboard GRAND a "piano", because it's so much more than that... it'd be more correct to say it's "piano-like" at first sight, but it's a brand new concept of musical instrument - a multi-dimensional synthesizer and controller. As our new, exclusive demo shows:

The Seaboard is not just some sort of futuristic-looking piano. It's a new way to play and interact with one of the most popular instruments ever invented... Beethoven would've been delighted!

Continuous touch
Continuous touch enables you to sound a note and then take it on a musical journey; modulating volume and timbre through one continuous motion. The Seaboard GRAND’s keywaves offer precise tactile feedback, making it easy to sense the slightest change in pressure, resulting in a far more organic experience than traditional aftertouch.
Intuitive pitch control
Adjusting pitch is as natural on the Seaboard GRAND as it is on a stringed instrument. Slide a finger to the left to lower the pitch of a note; slide it to the right to raise it. The smooth feel of the playing surface lets you easily glide from one keywave to the next, or apply a natural vibrato to any note.
Glissando ribbons
Unique, low-friction ribbons run along both the top and the bottom of the Seaboard GRAND’s playing surface. They make it easy to start playing one keywave, then slide to any other keywave you choose in one fluid gesture, even allowing multiple notes to glissando independently at the same time.

Harmony between hardware and software
 The SoundDial is the only control you will need to adjust the sound of the Seaboard GRAND. Shift between sound presets using the continuous rotary control, while the subtle LED ring shows you exactly which preset is currently being played.
Try a ROLI Seaboard GRAND for yourself!
As an official ROLI dealer, you can visit one of our PMT Stores to play a ROLI Seaboard GRAND and find out just how special it is! Demo area and information is available in store at the following PMT branches: LeedsManchesterNewcastleBirminghamBristolRomford.



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By Ivan Silva