Wampler Boutique FX Pedals Arriving Soon!


If you're a guitarist, it's time to get excited - Wampler pedals are landing at PMT Online and on our PMT Stores very soon! Find out more about the company that, alongside other brands such as Strymon, is helping to make boutique FX pedals more popular than ever!


Wherever you look, these days, you'll see bands using boutique FX pedals: it seems a Strymon unit on a pedalboard is a sight as common now as a Boss or Electro-Harmonix pedal! Coming strong in the past few years is another American brand, Wampler, and we are pleased to announce their pedals will be landing with us, soon!

What's so special about boutique FX pedals, anyway?


Well, plenty - especially the fact that they are made by smaller companies, who put more time and effort into creating something a bit more unique and special, usually with better components and extra features that wouldn't necessarily interest the customers of mass-produced gear.

It doesn't mean boutique effects are always "better" than non-boutique effects, it'll always depend on the particular tastes of the guitarist, after all. Besides, there's no conflict between using boutique and non-boutique: most guitarists will happily use both kinds of pedals. Big brands such as Boss, Electro-Harmonix and MXR are popular for a good reason - they are great!

Which means - if you decide to buy a boutique pedal simply with the mindset it'll sound loads better than a non-boutique FX, you might be a bit disappointed. But then again, you might not!

Because, while mass-manufactured pedals are aimed at anyone who plays guitar (from beginners to pros), it's true that boutique effects are designed for the more experienced players - the "tone chasers", recording artists, and guitarists who like to experiment with their sound more. That's why boutique effects offer more controls, true bypass and other features that simply wouldn't interest a more casual player.

Take the Wampler Thirty Something, for instance. It's a pedal which simulates the sound of a Vox AC30 or AC15, with added "Brian May-style" treble boost. There's simply nothing else on the market quite like it!

Or the Wampler Plexidrive Deluxe, which emulates the sound of a vintage Marshall Plexi amp, with added Tubescreamer-style, mid-range pre-gain boost:

These are just two examples of what a boutique brand like Wampler does - it's much more than simply offering a great overdrive or distortion pedal, for instance, but it's more about offering a pedal that can do distortion but also offer different tones, adding an extra dimension to your sound. Every Wampler pedal is designed this way - created to offer you the best possible sound, and much more versatility than you'd find on cheaper units.

Pedal designer Brian Wampler, owner of Wampler, is fanatical about great tone. His pedals are considered the bench mark for boutique level effect pedals worldwide. Each pedal has been created by Brian to give guitarists exactly what they need; the power, tone, response and versatility to be the best they can.

Each pedal is hand-built in the U.S.A. using only the best parts available. Each pedal comes with a fully transferable warranty to ensure that when you invest in a Wampler Pedal, you know that Wampler Pedals stands behind you all the way!

The pedals should be arriving at PMT Online and in our stores mid-July, so make sure to check them out!


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