DOD Brings Back the Gonkulator and Meatbox FX Pedals


Two classic nineties FX pedals by DOD are getting a new and welcome lease of life: the Gonkulator and the Meatbox. Guitarists who favour the experimental, weird and noisy side of music should get very excited!


The DOD Meatbox is a great bass synth pedal, that works great with bass, guitars, keyboards and drum-machines to boost those fat low frequencies. If you want to shake the room, try this!
The DOD Gonkulator is a Ring Modulator pedal. Its previous version, the Gonkulator FX13, became legendary and highly collectible, thanks to bands like Incubus using it in songs such as 'Glass':

Some people love the Gonkulator, and some think it's one of the worst pedals ever! The truth - if you like weird, experimental noises, you'll love it! And, most importantly - the new DOD Gonkulator is better and more versatile than the previous model, because it has true bypass and added 'Frequency' knob, which allows you to easily dial new tones.
Ring Modulator fx pedals are not to everyone tastes, and have always been very niche, anyway. But thanks to bands such as Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mars Volta and Sonic Youth, this kind of effect has not been entirely forgotten. And many classic rock'n'roll artists have also used ring modulator effects - Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, David Bowie and Tony Iommi, to name a few. Here's Black Sabbath's 'Paranoid', which features a guitar solo with ring modulation:

The Gonkulator is unique amongst other ring modulator pedals because it incorporates a distortion section, so you can use it as just a distortion pedal, just as a ring modulator, or mix both sounds. This great demo shows you how the new Gonkulator sounds like:

And no, you won't be getting many plaudits for your tone - this pedal is perfect to create weird, somewhat unpleasant noises! And works great with synthesizers, too!



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