Epiphone Releases New Epiphone Coronet!


OK, we got good news and bad news. The good news is that, for the first time in decades, Epiphone is releasing a Coronet model, the legendary solid-body rocker with P90 pickup, from the sixties! The bad news - so far, they're releasing it only in Japan! But let's have a look anyway, and hope it'll reach British shores, too!


Epiphone Limited Edition Elitist Tamio Okuda Coronet Outfit

The new Epiphone Limited Edition Elitist Tamio Okuda Coronet Outfit has been recently announced in Japan, where Tamio Okuda is a popular singer, songwriter, and producer, who first found fame with his band Unicorn in the 1980s.

But let's be honest - even those in the UK who have not heard of him, may get excited about this new Epiphone model! After all, the original Epiphone Coronet is currently one of the most rare and sought-after vintage guitars made by Epiphone, with prices for a 1960's model  in good-condition easily reaching thousands of pounds!

What's so special about the Coronet?

Originally it was conceived as just an entry-level guitar, much like the Gibson Les Paul Junior: thin, light body; simple controls; and a single P-90 pickup. It was only manufactured during the sixties, in Epiphone's legendary Kalamazoo facilities, and discontinued in the seventies.

Some of the guitarists who used a Coronet back then were ex-Small Faces Steve Marriott in Humble Pie, and Ace Frehley in the early years of Kiss:

In the eighties, Johnny Marr used an Epiphone Coronet in the studio, to record some classic Smiths songs such as 'William It Was Really Nothing' and 'Half A Person':

Over the years, more and more guitarists found out just how good this guitar felt and sounded, and by the 21st Century it had reached some sort of "cult" status, with prices sky-rocketing. Like Gibson described it on an article, this light, perfectly-balenced guitar really feels like it's part of your body when you play it. It's a very special guitar, indeed!

Some of the current players include Paul Weller, Kate Nash and Pete Doherty:



It's Doherty's favourite guitar and he's been using it since The Libertines got signed, with his other band Babyshambles and, more recently, at Glastonbury festival including when performing The Libertines comeback single, 'Gunga Din'.

The much-missed, much loved Coronet is the perfect guitar for punk, indie or anything else that requires that classic P-90 punch and clarity. We hope to see more players using it, from now on!

The Epiphone Limited Edition Elitist Tamio Okuda Coronet Outfit

This new model differs from traditional Coronet models in that it also features an extra, neck pickup: a soapbar-style P90, which should add extra tonal posibilities to the Coronet! It also features a vintage-style Epiphone tremolo arm.

Maybe it's too early to get excited, but it'd be really great if this model reaches the UK, and even better if Epiphone decides to release other Coronet models, closer to the original design than their short-lived 1990's version, the last time we've heard of a new Coronet.

In the meantime, this new, limited-edition Coronet looks really tasty, and if you ever have the chance to grab one - do it!


  • Body Material (Top):1-piece African Mahogany
  • Headstock Shape: OT Coronet Headstock (3+3)
  • Headstock Angle:17 Degrees
  • Neck Material:1-piece African Mahogany
  • Neck Joint:22th Fret - 2.5mm Set Neck
  • Neck Shape:60's Round
  • Finger Board Material: Indian Rosewood
  • Finger Board Scale Length:24.6" (625mm)
  • Finger Board Radius:12" (305mm)
  • Frets:22 Frets (Jumbo)
  • Width:41mm (Nut) - 57mm (FB End)
  • Position Mark: Pearloid 6mm Dots
  • Side Positions: White 2mm Dots
  • Finish: Nitrocellulose Lacquer Vintage Finish
  • Colors:Silver Fox
  • Machine Heads:Gotoh 3SD-05MA Nickel
  • Truss Rod Cover:Epiphone Bullet Type Black
  • Nut Material:Oiled Bone
  • Pickguard:White OT Coronet Type w/"e" Mark
  • Pickups (Neck):Nickel Covered Gibson USA P-90 Soap-Bar
  • Pickups (Bridge):Nickel Covered Gibson USA P-90 Dog-Ear
  • Bridge:Tune-O-Matic
  • Tailpiece: Epiphone Tremotone
  • Controls:2 Vol. 2 Tone. PU Selector
  • Potentiometer:CTS250K Audio
  • Capacitor:Orange Drop 473
  • Switch:Switchcraft 3-way Toggle
  • Output Jack:Switchcraft Body Top Mount
  • Knobs:Coronet Style
  • Back Panel:Black
  • Includes:Gray Fabric Hardcase,Hand-Signed Certificate of Authenticity



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