Glastonbury 2015 Gear Guide


Did Kanye rule or stink? Is fat Pete Doherty better than druggie Pete Doherty? Was Florence & The Machine the big highlight of the festival? Or was it Lionel Richie? Well, there's much to be talked about this year's Glastonbury Festival, but we'll simply take a look at what we love the best: the hottest gear we've seen at Glasto 2015!

As usual, Glastonbury was a success and (despite Kanye West doing his version of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody)  full of great musical moments. It was also an opportunity to check what gear some of the hottest acts of today are using. Here's what caught our attention over last weekend's event.

Ben Howard

One of the guitar highlight's of the weekend was without a doubt Ben Howard, who showcased his skills on a variety of different instruments: Gibson Les Paul Custom, Gibson ES-345, Gibson Les Paul Deluxe and Fender Jazzmaster. His atmospheric sounds are created using a Strymon Brigadier delay and a Strymon Big Sky reverb.

The Libertines

The Libertines made a surprise appearance and excited the crowds with their hits, using pretty much the same setup they've always used: Pete Doherty on a rare, vintage Epiphone Coronet and Gibson Semi-Acoustic (a ES-335 in Cherry with Bigsby this time) while Carl Barat used his trusty Gibson Melody Maker. Pete used Marshall JTM-45 heads with 412 cabs, while Carl used a Vox AC30. The always solid bassist John Hassall had a Fender American Standard Precision Bass and two Ashdown ABM 900 EVO III bass heads (into two Ashdown ABM 810 cabs).

Charlie XCX

Naughty pop star Charlie XCX had an all-female backing band that looked pretty cool: The guitarist had a Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster, and a wall of white, neon-lit Orange 412 guitar cabs.

Alt-rockers who love Fender: Sharon Van Etten, Swim Deep, Wolf Alice & more!


Of course, Fender guitars and amps could be seen everywhere! Some of the acts we spotted using Fender include: acclaimed Brooklyn songwriter Sharon Van Etten (Fender Jaguar sunburst); Swim Deep (Fender Mustang & Blues Deluxe amp) and Wolf Alice, who've just entered the UK Album Charts at Number 2.

They used a Fender Jaguar in white, Black Telecaster with Maple Neck, Fender Precision Bass in blonde, and the new Fender Hot Rod Deluxe in Mint Julip. They also had two Vox AC30s.

Of course, several other acts could be spotted using the popular Fender Telecaster, such as The Maccabees and Alt-J.


The Britpop veterans played a vigorous set to a mixed audience of old fans and new ones who were not even born when Suede released their first single! Guitarist Richard Oakes had a Fender Jaguar, a Gibson ES-355, a Vox AC30 and a Marshall Bluesbreaker. Matt Osman rocked a Rickenbacker bass through Ashdown ABM EVO head and ABM 810 Cab.

Everything Everything

Already regulars at Glasto, Everything Everything stormed the Pyramid Stage and used some pretty good mix of gear, including vintage Gibson semi-acoustic, two Blackstar Artisan amps and two Vox AC30, M-Audio Axiom and Novation Bass Station.

Young performers, New Sounds... Vintage Vibes

Many young performers favoured vintage-style guitars: Jamie T had a Gibson Les Paul Junior Double cut (as well as a Vox AC30); James Bay had an Epiphone ES-125:

Liam Fray from The Courtneeners had a stunning Gretsch White Falcon, and Justin Young from The Vaccines had a white Rickenbacker 330 guitar:

Finally, George Ezra had what looked like a gorgeous Gretsch Chet Atkins Tennessee Rose:

...And what the oldies played

What would be Glasto without some great performances by rock'n'roll legends? The Who, Motorhead, Paul Weller and Patti Smith delivered some of the most memorable and powerful sets of the weekend, and here's some of the gear they used:

It was great to see Lemmy alive and well, after recent rumours of his ill-health. But it seems that a steady diet of vodka, Jack Daniels and loud rock'n'roll serves him just fine. Motorhead rocked the main stage and, as always, Lemmy used his custom Rickenbacker bass and ‘Murder One’ Marshall Super Bass II amp coupled with 4 x 15 quad box.

Patti Smith and her band rocked the Pyramid Stage with some classic choice of gear, including: Fender Stratocaster, Fender Hot Rod Deville, Gibson Les Paul Goldtop.

The Modfather Paul Weller had a classy choice of instruments, too, including: Epiphone Casino, Gibson SG, Blonde Fender Telecaster and his favourite amp, a Marshall 2100 Lead and Bass 50 (basically a seventies upgrade of the classic Marshall Bluesbreaker amp). His lead guitarist, Steve Craddock, is a long-time user of Blackstar Artisan amps.

Sunday headliners The Who choice of gear included: red Fender Stratocaster, Fender Super Sonic amps, Gibson J-185 Billie Joe Armstrong signature acoustic and, for some songs that used harmonica, a Shure Green Bullet mic through an Orange Tiny Terror!

Synths & Keyboards at Glastonbury

Of course, it's not all just guitars at Glasto, and we've seen lots of cool synths, too. SBTKRT had a Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2, a Korg MS-20 and an Arturia Beatstep MIDI drum controller.

We've seen many acts using Nord keyboards, too, including Rudimental (Stage 2), Meadowlark (Stage EX) and Alt J (Electro).  Alt J also had a Novation Impulse.

A final word: The Singers

Very unsurprisingly, the classic Shure SM58 was the most widely used microphones at Glastonbury, but the Shure Beta 87 was also everywhere.

Whereas most bands tended to used Shure, many singers opted for Sennheiser wireless mics, including Florence Welch from Florence and The Machine, Mary J Blige and Paloma Faith:

Did you spot any other cool gear we forgot to mention? Let us know on Facebook, and we're all already looking forward to what Glasto 2016 will bring!

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By Ivan Silva