Vox VX Combos, Next Gen Amp Modeling


Technology doesn't stand still, anyone who owns an iPhone or game console knows only too well. Every once in a while the lab boffins have a eureka moment and everything changes. Working with the latest ABS materials for cabinet design and new VET modeling technology, the Vox VX amps represent a giant leap forward for your tone.

Standing for Virtual Element Technology the VET system models every component in your favourite valve amps, then ingenious computer code swallows it all up and out comes a perfect recreation of 11 classic sounds. With everything from Vox's own beloved AC30 to US high gain and sparkling cleans. Furthermore Vox have specially designed an analogue FET power amp stage, using it's sag and compression characteristics for valve like response.
Now when you've got the sound of a hallowed overdriven stack nailed down the last thing you want to do is muck around with it too much. Using similar design to high end PA systems the ABS Cabinet has specially designed bass venting and reinforcement to make sure no sound is lost.
Tinkerers will be especially pleased with the VX II which includes JamVOX III right out the box, as well as a USB Audio interface for recording. Get access to 19 amp and 12 speaker models to play around with. Finally GXT III Guitar XTraktion software will let you isolate or remove the guitar parts from your favourite songs, making practice easy.
The VX amps truly offer a compact design, ease of use and great price for beginners. While more experienced guitarists benefit from the latest in amp modeling tech and a full suite of features.

Vox VX Combo


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Hugh McKenna