Father's Day Gift Guide



It's Father's Day on Sunday 21st June, and if you're stuck on ideas on what to get for your Dad, we've made a Dad Gift Guide to help you decide on what to get the man of the house this year. So, what type of Dad is yours? Do the quiz to find out and get his perfect present!

Scroll to the bottom to get the links to the Father's Day products, or click on the quiz to see all our gifts for Dads.

Father's Day Gear Gift Guide

For the Stone's Mega Fan Dad:
Fender American Deluxe Ash Telecaster guitar in Butterscotch Blonde

For the Dad who is All About Da Bass:
Ibanez SR300 Electrixc Bass in Metallic Forest *PMT Exclusive!*
VOX Amplug for Bass Guitar

For the Music Blasting Producer Dad:
KRK Rokit Speakers - plus, when you buy any pair of KRK monitors you'll be automatically entered into the prize draw to win a KRK 10s Subwoofer!

For the Pro Sound Producer Dad:
Samson RTE2 Bluetooth Headphones

For the Drummer God Dad:
Vater Los Angeles 5A drumsticks

For the Pedal Freak Dad:
Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini
TC Electronic Ditto Looper Mini

For the Metal Head Dad:
Schecter guitars - view the entire range here.
VOX Amplug Metal

For The Rocker Dad:
Fender Eric Clapton Twinolux and Tremolux combo
VOX Amplug Classic Rock

For the Guitar Star:
Korg Sledgehammer Pro Clip-on Guitar Tuner
Marshall DSL5C Amplifier Combo *Special Price in PMT Stores* (go look, we swear it's worth it!)

For the Secret Rockstar:
Focusrite iTrack Pocket Audio Interface

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Sophie Moss