Polytune Clip From TC Electronic



The Polytune made it a whole lot easier for guitarists and bassists to get in tune. Now the TC Electronic Polytune Clip makes it a whole lot easier to carry around, just pop it in your gig bag or case. The small format comes with a pleasingly similar list of features to the full pedals.


tc polytune


  • One of the fastest tuning algorithms out there. Tweaked endlessly by the TC boffins to preserve battery life and increase accuracy.
  • Polyphonic operation, strum, tune and play. There's Capo and Flat tuning modes too.
  • New strobe tuner with ±0.02 cent accuracy
  • One beautiful, bright display that's easy to see on stage.
  • Adaptive screen, ensures a perfect readout no matter where you place PolyTune Clip
    On top of all the handy functionality it's one remarkably pretty piece of kit too and built to some tough standards. So tough TC Electronic sourced their own materials specially, to make sure it's ready for life on stage.

    Check out TC Electronic's marvelous demo video on their latest guitar gadget.



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    Hugh McKenna