Evans Tuning Day at PMT Southend on 27th June!


Knowing how to tune your drum kit properly is an essential skill that many drummers lack. If that's your case, our forthcoming Evans Tuning Event at PMT Southend's House Of Drums is perfect for you. And even if you feel you don't need to learn anything, it'll be a great opportunity to enjoy some great deals, win freebies and find out more about Evans' revolutionary Level 360 drum heads!


As you know, an acoustic drum kit can cost a lot of money - so you are advised to know how to make it sound as good as it can! A badly-tuned drum kit will sound poor, whereas a perfectly tuned one will stand out.
Sometimes, drummers can face issues such as excessive ring, overtones, snare buzz and sympathetic resonance, which can even ruin a recording session, for instance.

On our Evans Level 360 Drum Tuning Day, people can bring along either their whole kits, or just snare drums, or even a single tom to be tweaked and tuned. You'll also have the opportunity to enjoy some great deals on Evans drum heads, and win freebies!

Our drum tuning event will be the perfect opportunity to check the new Evans Level 360 drum heads - featuring the revolutionary new drumhead technology that's staking a claim for the freedom of drummers everywhere. Freedom to spend more time playing not tuning, jamming not cramming, and expressing themselves with tonal range like never before.

From the highest toms down to the depths of your bass drum, Level 360 Technology has started a revolution. Over the last year, Level 360 has set a new standard for the tuning experience and tonal capabilities of tom and snare heads.

So come to the Evans Tuning Day at PMT Southend, happening all day on Saturday 27th June. View PMT Southend page for store details.


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Ivan Silva