Line 6 Firehawk vs POD HD


They're both mightily impressive multi effects pedals capable of delivering every tone you could need for the stage or studio but there are some key differences between them that are worth paying attention to. Especially if you're planning on using Mac, PC or mobile to edit your sounds.


  • PC And Mac editing for your tones/presets
  • You like replicating complex setups and getting a wide variety of
  • You prefer creating everything from scratch and like to get stuck
    into deep editing
  • A complete gig rig in one pedal
  • Plenty of foot control and front panel editing
  • You're more into rolling your own FX than using presets
  • Pro connections are needed for MIDI and the studio


  • You're a modern mobile user, tinkering with FX via iOS/Android
  • You want to streamline your gig rig and/or fancy controlling
    things wirelessly on stage
  • You like to browse a comprehensive list of presets then work from
    inspiration, customising existing sounds
  • You normally play in practice rooms and studios
  • Keeps things simple while offering a huge range of FX and tones