PMT House of Rock in Newcastle: The First Month!


When Sounds Live first announced they were closing their doors in Newcastle, many people worried the area would be losing an important and well-loved music shop, permanently... so when PMT House of Rock took over the premises, we knew there was only one way to go: it had to be bigger and better than whatever went on before!


It's been one month since PMT Newcastle first opened, but we think we've succeed in our original aim: it's been a month of lots of hard work, but we've also had great fun, and we think we've achieved what we set out to do - to be the best music shop in the Newcastle & Gateshead area!
Of course, before we could even get started, we had to work really hard to put the new shop into shape. For over a month after it was first announced PMT would open at the original Sounds Live location, on 27-29 Dean Street, our team worked daily to rip the original premises apart and build everything from scratch, to better utilise the space and give it the full "House of Rock" treatment.

Well, all that hard work was definitely worth it! The newest PMT House of Rock looks great, and in the past month it has already established itself as the go-to place for guitarists, drummers, keyboard players, DJs and producers living in Newcastle, Gateshead and surrounding Tyneside area.
PMT were happy to be able to employ some of the original Sounds Live staff such as Thomas McLaughlin, the store manager at PMT Newcastle. Tom said:
“Having previously worked at Sounds Live, I’m happy to say that the music shop people knew and loved for the past 20 years has had a complete refurbishment and looks better than ever thanks to PMT. Sounds Live customers that came to the opening day have been blown away by the change. When they walked into the shop, they couldn’t believe that they were in the same building."
Here's a few pics of the new shop:



Whether you're looking for acoustic drum kits, electric drums, keyboards, pianos, synthesizers, amplifiers or guitars, PMT Newcastle has the best and most varied stock in the region, and whatever you can't find there - we can order directly from our warehouse or from other PMT stores, of course!
Some of the top brands you can find at PMT Newcastle include: Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, Roland, KorgMarshall Amps, Yamaha, Orange Amps, VOX, Martin & Co., Taylor, Focusrite, Native Instruments, Pioneer, Drum Workshop Inc., TC Electronic, Electro-Harmonix, Shure, Bose and many more.
There is an ultra-cool synthesizer room containing the latest workstations and keyboards from Korg, Nord and Novation, because at PMT House of Rock we know that synths rock, too! We think we have the best selection of synthesizers in Newcastle, so check it out:

And we've also setup our recording studio room, which customers are invited to try:

Whatever musical instrument you're looking for, or recording equipment, P.A. products or DJ gear, PMT Newcastle should be your first stop! We're open 7 days a week and you're welcome to come pay us a visit to try some gear, chat to our crew and just enjoy a good time in the friendliest music shop in town - a fantastic music store with a pleasant environment to play music and shop in!
And there'll be more to look forward to, with cool in-store events planned for the Summer & beyond, so follow PMT Newcastle on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with the latest news!
Here's a few more images from our first 30 days in Newcastle - and what the customers had to say so far!


 "Staff were great and went out their way to help" Chris Fox



"The ONLY music store worth visiting in Newcastle. All the brands, super knowledgeable staff and friendly service all round." Karl Pryor



"Looks brilliant! Well done guys" Tanya Miah



"Shop looks fab!" @BenDraperLtd



"Plenty on offer, and a nice selection and good prices. The staff were nice, too... it looks bigger and brighter than the Sounds Live music shop which was there before."@Spitfirebullets



"If you haven't been in yet I recommend paying them a visit." @Nemixsound 



Now it's your turn... come and pay us a visit, you'll love it!




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