Strymon Releases New DIG Dual Digital Delay


Strymon are the hottest name in the world of guitar fx pedals right now. You can see their pedals being used by new up-and-coming bands, and also by big names such as Noel Gallagher. What makes Strymon special is that they're a brand that makes boutique effects which are also very popular - something that's not very common! And the reason is simple: their pedals are simply awesome, like the new DIG Dual Digital Delay, which has just been announced.


When Strymon announced a new pedal this week, guitarists the world over took notice - after all, right now Strymon makes the must-have guitar pedals of the moment, such as the Big Sky reverb and the Timeline delay.

Their pedals don't come cheap, but everyone who owns one agrees they are worth every penny. And, of course, the same is true of the new DIG Dual Digital Delay.

You could be forgiven for wondering if there's need for another delay pedal in an already very well-served market, with more great delay units available today than ever before - especially when the DIG costs over £200! But, of course, the creative minds behind Strymon managed to come up with something very cool and unique, and we have no doubts the new DIG Dual Digital Delay will be very popular!

With two simultaneous, integrated delays with the captivating rack delay voicings from the 1980s and today, DIG offers incredible expressive potential. It lets you create your own world of intricate and synchronized echoes, along with hypnotic and atmospheric repeats that blur the line between delay and reverb. This is pedal is the stuff The Edge probably dreams of!

Stretch your sonic horizons with five musically satisfying rhythmic subdivisions and three dual delay routing options. Go from syncopated, pulsating delay patterns, to evocative, spaced-out echo trails all in a compact, pedalboard-friendly format.



Each Strymon delay pedal offers something unique that the others don't, so it's worth to compare them. As ever - which one is better is a matter of taste, and each guitarist will have their favourite.

El Capistan dTape Echo: your choice for best possible (DSP) tape echo sounds!

Like every Strymon pedal, the El Capistan is digital, but whereas some purists will say analogue is better, the creative types at Strymon think differently: all they're concerned is sound quality. If they can make a digital pedal that sounds exactly like old tape echo units, why not? It captures the warm, saturated, distinctive qualities of tape echo machines, but without the headache involved in maintaining and repairing old units! GREAT FOR: vintage-style echoes, 1950's rock'n'roll, Sixties psychedelia like Pink Floyd etc. MAX DELAY TIME: 1.5s Find out more

Brigadier dBucket Delay: the ultimate analogue delay sounds... powered by DSP!

Analogue bucket brigade delay pedals were developed in the seventies and they're still many guitarists' favourite kind of delay, delivering warm tones and sonic subtleties. The original analogue delays sounded great but were also very limited, especially when it came to delay times... here's where the DSP modelling comes handy, making the Brigadier much more versatile and usable than any of the bucket brigade delays from 35 years ago. As Guitarist Magazine said: "Brigadier is capable of recreating every nuance of an analogue delay with none of the drawbacks." GREAT FOR: saturated dark delays, U2 or The Police-style delays. MAX DELAY TIME: 5s Find out more

DIG Dual Digital Delay: the power of 80's digital delay rack units, in a pedal

When you think about it, it's surprising we didn't see this one coming! The DIG is the next natural step after Strymon's successful recreation of tape echo and bucket-brigade delay - now it's time for their take on the best eighties' digital delay sounds! If you like "warm", "dark" qualities on your delays, go for one of the other two. The DIG, however, offers clarity and more features that enable you to create more complex delays and textures. It's perfect for the more experimental players too. GREAT FOR: complex delays, clarity, experimental music, shoegaze MAX DELAY TIME: 1.6s (3.2s with Half Note Delay 1 Subdivision) Find out more

Timeline Delay: Strymon's ultimate delay pedal... so far!

The Strymon Timeline is the ultimate delay pedal right now - the one all guitarists seem to want, the one lots of famous musicians (like Noel Gallagher) are starting to use. It has 200 preset delay sounds, and all the other types of delay from the other three Strymon delays, besides much more: Twelve delay machines to choose from: Digital, Dual, Pattern, Reverse, Ice, Duck, Swell, Trem, Filter, Lo-fi, dTape, dBucket. It doesn't mean it's necessarily "better" than the other three delays: El Capistan, Brigadier and DIG all do things the Timeline can't, because they are more "specialized" in the specific type of delay that they do. GREAT FOR: any delay you can ever imagine! MAX DELAY TIME: 2.5s Find out more



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