Blackstar ID Core Beam Bluetooth in Blood Red!


The Blackstar ID Core Beam is a very versatile and affordable Bluetooth guitar amp, ideal for home practice, recording or even small gigs! It is suitable for bass, acoustic guitar and electric guitar, and was designed to not just be portable, but to also offer a full range of stunning FX to get your teeth into. And now it comes in this really cool Blood Red version!


The ID:Core BEAM is a Super Wide Stereo guitar amp with Bluetooth functionality and channels for electric, bass and acoustic guitars, and hi-fi quality music playback, styled for the home.

This amp looks very stylish and works great as a Bluetooth MP3 speaker, too...  and at 20-watts, it's more than loud enough for your home!

If you're looking for a great, versatile practice amp, you can't go wrong with this one - unlike most other amps out there, the ID Core Beam has been designed to work equally well with electric guitars, bass or acoustic guitars, which makes this amp one of the best-value deals right now. In terms of versatility, looks and sound quality, it's hard to beat the ID Core Beam!

PMT will be receiving the Limited-Edition ID Core Beam in Blood Red before any other shop in the UK, so here's your chance to be one of the first to grab one! And if you'd like to try one before purchasing, remember you can visit one of our PMT Stores across the country, to try it out once it arrives.

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