58 Instruments that Made Rolling Stone's Top 100 Songs of All Time


When we think of classic rock and pop songs from the past 60 years, we usually think of the traditional guitar/bass/drums line up, with maybe some keyboards thrown in, but a recent research by the Berklee College of Music shows that a total of 58 different instruments were used on the '100 Best songs of All Time', as chosen by a Rolling Stone magazine panel of music experts including musicians, critics, and other music-industry figures.


Berklee College of Music got in touch with us after our The Dulcimer Is Back article piqued their interest. We mentioned that this traditional, 19th century folk instrument was used on pop & rock songs in the sixties by the likes of Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones and Joni Mitchell, and it turns out Berklee have completed a research compiling a total of 58 instruments that were used on some of the greatest pop and rock songs ever - some of them even more unlikely than a dulcimer, such as castanets and a swarmandal.
The instruments were researched via two means: documented accounts of recording sessions, and intensive critical listening. Some instruments may have been omitted due to a lack of documentation or clarity in the recording.
The good folks at Berklee College of Music were kind enough to let us use their infographic, enjoy!

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If you want to view their original post, check it out here.

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Ivan Silva