Free PluralEyes Express Software With Select Rode Mics


Rode make some flipping excellent microphones for video and location recording. Unfortunately no matter how clear and high quality your audio is nothing can guarantee perfect sync from multiple sources. Lucky for us all then that they've teamed up with Red Giant to offer a Free copy of PluralEyes Express to anyone who buys one of these mics:


  • VideoMic GO
  • VideoMic
  • VideoMic Pro
  • Stereo VideoMic
  • Stereo VideoMic Pro
  • Stereo VideoMic X
  • NTG1
  • NTG2
  • NTG4
  • NTG4+
  • NTG3
  • i-XY
  • Lavalier
  • PinMic

PluralEyes can eliminate the need for faffing around with Timecode or laborious work in post by automatically syncing your audio.


"PluralEyes Express allows you to synchronise as many as 10 different audio and video up to 30 minutes in length in total, and is fully compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X and Final Cut Pro 7 NLEs."


This offer is available until 31/12/15 and in order to claim your free software simply buy a qualifying mic with us and then register at the Rode website.