Electro-Harmonix Announces New Nano POG pedal!


First spotted at Musikmesse 2015, the new Electro-Harmonix Nano POG could yet prove to become the best - and perhaps the most popular? - POG pedal yet! With smaller footprint perfect for guitarists who favour smaller fx pedals, cheaper price tag and better sound quality, it seems Electro-Harmonix are on to a winner, once again! Here's a look at the history of POG models:


Since it was first released, the Electro-Harmonix POG range has been quite popular, thanks to top players such as Jack White using one. According to White, he was the first guitarist to make a record using a POG, on The White Stripes' song 'Blue Orchid' from their album 'Get Behind Me Satan'.

After it was discontinued, EHX replaced it with the POG 2 which is still available today. It's an improved version of the original POG which still is popular.
A few years ago EHX also launched the Micro POG, a mini version of the POG with stripped down features and cheaper price tag. As expected, it became quite popular as well and was perfect for players seeking to emulate Jack White's sound on a budget, or to experimenting with blending Octave Up and Sub Octave sounds to create interesting new sounds on their guitars. As simple as it was, it was still capable of an incredible range of sounds:

Now, in 2015, Electro-Harmonix are launching a new model, the Nano POG, which is the smallest and most affordable POG yet! EHX have not released much info about it yet, but It's basically the same as the Micro POG, only smaller: it features exactly the same controls and outputs. However, there's one major difference that should set it apart from previous POG models: it features a new algorithm for superior tracking and sound quality.
This recent video from Musikmesse is the first demo of the Nano POG we've seen so far. The new POG features 9 minutes into the video:




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