Orange Amps Rockerverb MkIII & Bax Bangeetar Guitar Pedal


Orange Amps has some excellent new gear coming to PMT Stores and online, including the latest and greatest Rockerverb series and, for the first time EVER, their very own guitar pedal: the Bax Bangeetar.

Upgraded for 2015 the much loved Rockerverb is back and better than ever. Available in three variations, Orange have released a 50w head, 100w head and a 50w 212 combo. Designed by Ade Emsley, lead amp designer at Orange Amps and the father of the Rockerverb and Tiny Terror. The clean channel has been tweaked and the mid EQ control has been removed leaving just the treble and the bass controls to shape your sound. The two controls interact with each other to balance your mid tone, and the gain structure on the dirty channel is similar to the MkII amps, allowing you to get anything from light crunch to high gain. Plus the 3 band EQ allows you to further shape your tone.

Take a look at PMT Cambridge's exclusive demo video on the brand-new Roverbverb 50w MkIII head.

In Stock Now
Rockerverb 50w MK III Head
Orange Rockerverb 50 MKIII head
Rockerverb 100w MKIII Head 
orange rockerverb mkiii 100 watts head
Rockerverb 50w MKIII 212 Combo
orange rockerverb mkiii combo


Bax Bangeetar Guitar Pre EQ pedal

The Bax Bangeetar is the FIRST EVER pedal by Orange Amps, and as you would expect from a pre EQ pedal, it boasts a whole host of useful features. It's a Swiss army knife for guitarists and has everything you need to dial in wide range of tones.

The pedal includes gain, volume, bass, mid & treble controls and the controllable Q and frequency on the mid sections allow you to find your guitar’s sweet spot and cut through busy mixes.

A 9v power supply which is stepped up to 18v means you have a huge amount of headroom. Increase the gain and you can crank up the distortion while keeping your signal balanced. The 5dB boost on the left footswitch can be used for extra kick if you need it and a bypass to remove the pedal completely from your chain.Plus, the additional cab sim output simulates the Celestion G12H cone used in Orange 412 cabs. Run this alongside your regular amp for a stereo effect or directly to a mixer/ interface for recording directly from the pedal.

Want to be the first to hear Orange Amp's first pedal? Then watch this exclusive video from PMT Cambridge!

Due end of April
Bax Bangeetar Pre-EQ Guitar Pedal Black - pre-order here.
Orange Amps Bax Bangeetar guitar pedal Black
Bax Bangeetar Pre-EQ Guitar Pedal White - pre-order here.

Orange Amps Bax Bangeetar guitar pedal White

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