Musikmesse 2015: All The Latest News, Rumours & Product Launches


Musikmesse is the biggest music gear trade show in Europe, and, just like NAMM, an opportunity for the world's top brands to showcase some of their most anticipated products - the gear we'll all be talking about in the forthcoming months! Here's a look at all the latest news, rumours and all the hottest new releases. And remember - keep checking regularly, as we'll be updating this page as more products are announced!


Musikmesse 2015 should be, like NAMM back in January, dominated by synths. This is a trend that should once again be re-affirmed next week, between the Musikmesse start date on 15th April and it's closing on the 18th. One of the most hotly-awaited products of 2015 is the Roland JD-XA poly synth, but as you can see, there'll be plenty of other stuff to get excited by...


Yes, we said Musikmesse 2015 would be dominated by synths, but so far things look pretty great for guitarists, too! Vox has just announced their main launch for the event - a reissue of the classic Vox AC10 valve amp! Smaller than an AC15, but louder than an AC4, this new amp should be a hit at Messe!

Boss didn't release that many new products at NAMM, so perhaps they'll come up with something exciting at Musikmesse. There are also rumours of some new Marshall release, and you shouldn't be surprised if Orange released new valve amps - after all, at the NAMM in January they've only launched a new range of (excellent, btw) solid-state amps, so it's about time they came up with new valve models.

Epiphone will be releasing new guitars, including a Tony Iommi Signature SG, as suggested by their recent teaser pic.

Martin & Co have announced two new acoustic guitars for the trade show: the D-35E 50th Anniversary Limited Edition, celebrating the anniversary of that classic model, and the very interesting LE-HMSD 2015, which pays homage to HMS Dreadnought, a British Royal Navy battleship which was sunk by a German SM U-29 submarine 100 years ago.

Martin LE-HMSD 2015

Meanwhile, Korg have announced two new tuners: the Sledgehammer Pro Guitar Tuner and the Pitchclip Canned Tuner:


As expected, there'll be lots of exciting synth launches at Musikmesse, and the Roland JD-XA is just one of them. Everyone is excited about this hybrid, analogue / digital poly synth, but Roland have already taken everyone by surprise, teasing with new, modular additions to the AIRA range:

As for speculations, there are many: perhaps a new AIRA System 2 Plug-Out Synth? People are also hoping Arturia will carry on with their "Brute" series, and after the MiniBrute and MicroBrute perhaps it's time for a "PolyBrute"? An analogue drum-machine from them would be a welcome release, too!

Synth fans still hope Yamaha will finally jump on the analog synth bandwagon and come up with something new or reissue something like the legendary CS-80 synthesizer. We can dream...


Nord are launching the new Stage 2 EX stage piano Stage 2 EX stage piano, a welcome upgrade on the popular Stage 2, with 1 GB memory for the Nord Piano Library and new sounds. It comes in three different formats and is set to be as popular as the original Stage 2.

Korg have announced a new home/ stage digital piano, which will be launched at Musikmesse: the Havian 30, which provides classic grand, upright and electric piano sounds, plus a collection of additional musical instrument sounds, in a compact and stylish cabinet.

It has been designed with ease of use and enjoyment in mind, while never compromising on the quality of sound or power required by the professional musician.


Signs are good for DJs. Native Instruments have just announced their biggest product for Musikmesse 2015: the Traktor Kontrol D2 DJ Controller, a slim, compact and very versatile professional DJ controller, that looks set to become one of the hottest DJ products this year.

The D2 keeps your focus on the music – not on your laptop. Imagine workflow as effortless as instinct. Touch-sensitive knobs and faders activate TRAKTOR views and functions on an ultra-crisp full-color display, keeping you in the moment – and connected with your crowd.