Shure Releases New PG Alta Microphones


The quest for best affordable microphones for your home studio has a very strong new contender - the Shure PG Alta series. This series is an upgrade on the now-discontinued PG series, which has been a popular alternative to the more high-end SM series (which is still the industry standard). The Shure PG Alta microphones are ideal as entry level mics, or as a more affordable choice for those who can't stretch their budgets to the SM range.


Shure are responsible for some of the best mics available today, and the classic SM-series microphones SM58 and SM57 have become the industry standard, worldwide. Despite not being that expensive, there's always people looking for even more affordable mics, but often what you save in terms of money, you'll sacrifice on quality. Shure, as one of the world's leading microphone brands, is well placed to offer something that, while budget-friendly, won't compromise on quality - and here's the PG Alta Microphones!
Watch the series introduction video:

The PG Alta series offers a comprehensive line of entry level microphones that include advanced design features for professional sound at a budget-conscious price. The perfect introduction to Shure engineering excellence, PG ALTA models are the most accessible Shure microphones for elevating sound quality. The complete family includes 14 new products - - including vocal and instrument microphones, drum kits, and a studio kit - ideal for small venues, aspiring musicians, and home recording sessions.

“PG ALTA microphones are designed for anyone seeking great sound, durability, and style. They are easy to use and help produce great results across the board,” said Matt Engstrom, Category Director for Wired Products at Shure. “Vocals or instruments, live sound or studio, new form factors – like the side-address PGA181 – and innovative new mounting options, PG ALTA has what you need. The entire line has undergone our rigorous product testing – just like all Shure products – to ensure it performs perfectly, time after time.”
For the first time at this price point, Shure developed a side-address condenser microphone, the PGA181 which is tailored for smooth reproduction of sound sources. The PGA181 is suited for a wide range of applications, including acoustic and amplified instruments, vocals, and live rehearsal recording and performance. Shure is also offering gooseneck condenser microphones - the PGA98D for drums and PGA98H for horns - both featuring a flexible, discrete design with highly durable construction.


Other mics from this series, which are certain to become very popular, are the PGA58 - the PG Alta alternative to the SM58 - and the PGA57, which is the perfect option if you want a more affordable substitute to the SM57.




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By Ivan Silva