New Marshall Class 5 Roulette Amps Announced


A few years ago, Marshall released the Class 5 valve amp, an affordable, 5-watt tube amp that quickly became popular thanks to it's "Class A" tube tone, and classic "mini Bluesbreaker" looks. It was a versatile, portable guitar amp that was simply the perfect guitar amp for home practice, recording or small gigs. Now, we welcome the arrival of the Marshall Class 5 Roulette amps: a special-edition version of the Class 5, available to the UK market only!


Available in combo or head & cab formats, the Class 5 Roulette Range is offered in two different cosmetic stylings: red and black, or silver, white and black. Whichever you chose, you're on to a winner!

Internally, the Roulette still retains 5 watts of Class A power, along with Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble controls to fine tune your tone.

The headphone output and Low Power switch make the Class 5 Roulette an incredibly versatile yet simple all-valve Marshall amplifier, allowing you to practice silently at home, or to crank it up for that creamy, classic valve overdrive sound for recording - without getting things too loud.

And, of course, let's not forget that these new amps - which are available in very limited numbers, to the UK only - look great, too... and have already arrived at our PMT stores!


Here's a look at the new models available:


Marshall Class 5 Roulette Valve Combo in Black


Marshall Class 5 Roulette Valve Combo in Red


Marshall Class 5 Roulette Valve Head in BlackClass 5 Roulette Guitar Cab in Black


Marshall Class 5 Roulette Valve Head in RedClass 5 Roulette Guitar Cab in Red




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