Korg LP-380 73: The Perfect Digital Piano For Your Home


The new Korg LP-380 73 has no match when it comes to versatility, sound, size and price - a slim, affordable Digital Home Piano that features 73 weighted keys and which perfectly captures the sound and feel of a grand piano - besides offering many more great sounds! Whether you're starting to learn classical piano or just want a piano to casually play at home, the LP-380 is perfect for you. It's also ideal as a compact, good value keyboard for your recording studio. Read on to find out more...


The compact and stylish LP-380 digital piano is now available in a 73 key model, which makes it even more "home-friendly" than the previous, 88 key model - it occupies 22 cm less horizontally than the 88 key model!

But there are other advantages, too: it has the same 73 key range as classic electric pianos, and same basic functionality as the 88 key version, which makes the new 73 key perfect for those who want to casually play and those who are starting to train as classical pianists.

Also, it's a great and very affordable addition to anyone's studio, providing a great range of 30 different, high-quality sounds, from grand piano to vintage jazz organ and strings. It has two powerful 22-watt speakers, but also headphone output for silent home practice and Line Out for PA / keyboard amp or recording straight to multi-track.

This demo video from Korg Indonesia (for the 88-key version) will give you a great idea of the sound quality the new Korg LP380 73 can offer:

You can choose from a number of colourful two-tone leatherette coverings available in black with orange, silver, or cream.



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