Learn To Play Day 2015


Learn To Play Day 2015, the flagship event of the UK’s Music for All Charity, will be happening across all 10 PMT Stores


Learn To Play Day is a whole day of celebrating musicians in the making. So whether you’re brand-new to playing or haven’t picked up and instrument for while, the guys at PMT will make sure you have a great time making music on Saturday 21st March.

If you want to be a musician, Learn To Play Day 2015 is the perfect chance for you to grab hold of any instrument in any of our PMT Stores, run up to one of our product experts or a local tutor and say, “Show me how to play this!”

PMT is hosting free guitar, bass and drum lessons in each of our ten stores, courtesy of local tutors and artists, Orange Amps, Rockschool, Yamaha, Marshall Amps, Blackstar, Line 6, D'Addario and Drum Workshop Inc (DW Drums).

Learn To Play Day also gives those the opportunity who are already playing to come in the store for product and technique demonstrations, because you can always learn something new! So get to your local PMT store on Saturday 21st March 2015 to have a fun day filled with learning and music. And even if you can't make it to a PMT Music Store on Learn To Play Day, the Rock Syllabus from Orange Amps will be available online for free on the day here.

Find out what's happening in a PMT Store near you!

PMT Birmingham

Phone: 0121-359-5056
Email: birmingham@pmtonline.co.uk

Jason Bowld from Rockschool will be teaching drum lessons and hosting the lesson live via webcast to Rockschool.co.uk. The tutors from Rockschool are some of the best in the UK, and Jason is not only endorsed by Roland but an awesome drummer for UK metal band Axewound. Make sure you book your place with Jason to get some grade-A drumming techniques and tips by contacting PMT Birmingham.

Steve Smith from Marshall Amps will also be at PMT Birmingham on Learn to Play Day, teaching you how to get an awesome, rocking guitar sound during live performances and for studio recordings. Steve is also an awesome guitar player and will teach you a guitar technique or two! He will be in the store all day, but make sure you book your place with him by contacting PMT Birmingham.

PMT Leeds

Phone: 0113-242-6601
Email: leeds@pmtonline.co.uk

Paul from Line 6 will be holding a ‘Tone Made Easy’ class, where you can learn the secrets of great guitar tone, find out how you can be a better guitar player and be inspired to play more! Contact PMT Leeds to book your lesson with Paul.

Clare Coggan is also coming to PMT Leeds, courtesy of Yamaha. Clare is a prominent and respected keyboard player, session ace, composer and teacher who specialises in electronic music production . If you would like to participate in a one-on-one workshop in Music Production or Intro to Synthesis with Clare, make sure you book your place by contacting PMT Leeds.

On Sunday 22nd March at 7:30pm, Drum Workshop Inc clinician and drummer for Usher Aaron Spears will be performing and teaching at PMT Leeds. This is a once in a lifetime event happening in store, so make sure you book your place! Ticket cost £10, £7 for students.

PMT Manchester

Phone: 0161-877-6262
Email: manchester@pmtonline.co.uk

There will be two guitar tutors at PMT Manchester on Learn to Play Day. Serge Montebello, a guitar tutor from Orange Amp's Rock Guitar syllabus will be holding guitar lessons at PMT Manchester. A local guitar tutor will also be holding free guitar lessons at PMT Manchester on the day too, so there's plenty of guitar lessons for everyone. To book a free guitar lesson on Learn To Play Day, contact PMT Manchester.

Percussion Specialist Ben and bass player extraordinaire Andrew from D’Addario will be in PMT Manchester for Learn To Play Day too providing free drum and bass lessons, plus offers on D’Addario strings. Book your lesson with either Ben or Andrew by contacting PMT Manchester.

Craig Blundell, endorsed by Roland UK, will also be at PMT Manchester on Learn To Play Day 2015. If anyone was lucky enough to attend Craig’s V-Drum Masterclasses in Birmingham earlier this year they will know that a drum lesson with Craig is an experience with a master of rhythm and technique. Come and have a one-to-one class with Craig Blundell on Saturday 21st March between 10am-4pm, or come to a group drum clinic at either 12pm or 3pm. Book your place with Craig by contacting PMT Manchester.

PMT Oxford

Phone: 01865-725221
Email: oxford@pmtonline.co.uk

Nick Breakspear from one of Oxford’s biggest up-and-coming band Black Hats will be at PMT Oxford teaching guitar lessons from 10am to 2pm. We think Nick's lessons will be booked up fast, so make sure you book your place with him for Learn to Play Day by contacting PMT Oxford.

PMT Southend

Phone: 01702-436501
Email: southend@pmtonline.co.uk

Dom Sigalas is a prominent and respected composer and in-demand music producer who knows absolutely everything about Yamaha synths. If you want to learn about music production, there’s no on better to learn from than Dom, so make sure you book your place with him on Learn To Play Day by contacting PMT Southend.

PMT Northampton

Phone: 01604-230433
Email: northampton@pmtonline.co.uk

Drum workshops and guitar workshops will be held at PMT Northampton by local tutors for free on Learn to Play Day, so make sure you book your place to learn how to get your licks kicking and riffs rocking by contacting PMT Northampton.

PMT Bristol

Phone: 01179-349955
Email: bristol@pmtonline.co.uk

At PMT Bristol, Drew McDonald from Blackstar will be on hand demoing their fantastic British amps and helping you find the greatest sound for your guitar and bass.

Local guitar tutors Richard Hillyer and Henry Wilson from Mobile Guitar Tuition Bristol will also be joining us on Learn to Play Day to provide participants with free electric and acoustic guitar lessons. Call or email PMT Bristol to book your lesson with either Richard, Henry or Drew here.

On Sunday 22nd March, local drum tutor Tom Bradley will be providing drum lessons all day in-store. Tom covers a wide range of genres, from jazz to funk to heavy metal. Contact PMT Bristol to book your place with Tom here.

PMT Norwich

Phone: 01603-666-891
Email: norwich@pmtonline.co.uk

Workshops are being held at PMT Norwich on Learn to Play Day for guitar and drum players. Classes will be open to people of all skill sets, so whether you want to start from scratch or learn something new make sure you book your place for a workshop by contacting PMT Norwich.

PMT Romford

Phone: 01708-746082
Email: romford@pmtonline.co.uk

On Learn To Play day at PMT Romford, a guitar tutor and drum tutor will be in the store all day providing free lessons. Make sure you contact PMT Romford to book a place with the tutor of your choice.

PMT Romford are also sending some of their in-store product experts armed with extremely cool music equipment to Havering Music School on Saturday 21st March to provide free tutorials to children who attend the school. Contact PMT Romford for more information.

PMT Cambridge

Phone: 01223-300324
Email: cambridge@pmtonline.co.uk

At PMT Cambridge, local guitar tutor Craig Hardie will be a providing free guitar lessons in-store all day. Plus, hi-tech in-store specialist Matt is providing 'Learn To Push' tutorials all day, which will consist of one-to-one workshops on how to use Ableton Push to produce great tracks. Contact PMT Cambridge to book your free music lesson in either guitar or Ableton Push on Learn to Play Day.

We've got a lot more events and appearances to announce soon from your favourite Rock 'n' Roll brands and celebrity guests - so keep your eyes peeled on the House of Rock social media channels!

*Ensure you contact your local PMT Music Store to book a time slot with a tutor.