Enter Focusrite's Competition to Win a Record Deal!


Fancy becoming a star? Well, it's a tough task, but one thing is sure - a record deal helps! However, how do you get signed by a label in the first place? Well, there's never one single, easy way, but this new Focusrite competition is worth a try: they've joined forces with Caroline Records (part of Universal Music Group) to give a record deal to one lucky - and talented! - songwriter. Read on to find out how to enter this incredible competition...


This new competition is open to singer-songwriters only. No bands, no instrumentals. All you need to do to enter is record & upload a YouTube video of yourself singing and performing an original song on an instrument, and submit it via the form on the Focusrite website.
Entry is absolutely free - all you need is a camera, a mic, and the desire to succeed! (Oh, and a YouTube account.)
Of course, a good place to get started is by using a device such as the iTrack Pocket, which lets you to record high-quality videos with great sound, and then easily upload them to YouTube!

The competition will run from now to June 10th. At that point, Focusrite's panel of judges will pick 10 eligible performers that show the most potential. We'll hand them over to the team at Universal, who will then pick the winner.
And that's it! It couldn't be simpler. Watch this video:

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to use an iTrack Pocket to enter?
Nope! You can record yourself on whatever you like. However, iTrack Pocket does make it really easy to record, edit and upload great sounding performances using your iPhone...
What if I don't play an instrument?
Singing & performing an instrument is a prerequisite to enter, unfortunately!
What if I can't sing?
Singing & performing an instrument is a prerequisite to enter. Sorry!
Can I perform with my band/group, or do I have to perform solo?
The record deal is only for a solo singer/songwriter.
Does it have to be a particular genre/style?
No! As long as it's your own original music, you're all good.
What are the details of the record deal?
The record deal will involve marketing, promotion and distribution of a record internationally.

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