Roland Aira System 1 Plug-Out Synth Price Drop!


The Roland Aira System 1 Plug-Out synthesizer is a modern, versatile digital synth that perfectly emulates the sound and behaviour of classic analog synthesizers. It now costs only £369 and comes bundled with SH-101 plug-in and FREE Ableton Live Lite license, making the Aira System one of the best synthesizer deals at the moment!


The Roland Aira System 1 was recently named by MusicTech magazine as a Gold Award Winner as Best Innovation of 2014, and described as "A wonderful, flexible bundle that allows a range of creativity."
With so many great synthesizers out there right now - including many analog models - the Roland Aira System 1 still manages to stand out, because you can download classic synth sounds into it. The FREE SH-101 plug-out comes with the System 1 (as a download voucher) and turns your new Aira into a perfect emulation of the classic Roland SH-101 synthesizer.
The System 1 also comes with Free Ableton Live Lite License – A customized version of the music making software Ableton Live. It provides a fresh and easy way to write music, record audio, and produce songs. Plus, Live is a powerful performance tool for the stage!
To redeem end-users simply need to register their product at  and email proof of purchase to On receipt of this Roland will then send an activation code directly to the end-user.
The System 1 is an incorporation of Roland's vast synthesizer and software knowledge, all rolled into one portable and extremely versatile synthesizer for live performance and serious studio musicians. Check this video for a small sample of the wide range of sounds provided by this fantastic unit:




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